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22nd November 2016 Washington DC, USA

Major General Richard Cripwell

Defence Attaché at the British Embassy Washington D.C.

In A Force of the Future, An Equal Opportunity to Serve

I had the pleasure of joining Samantha Job from the Embassy and Mackenzie Eaglen from AEI on a panel on Monday night discussing Women in Defence. Moderated by Nina Wagner from the Pentagon. We talked about how far we had come, not least in the 35 years of my military service, but also how much […]

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28th September 2016 London

Jo Johnson

by Jo Johnson

Minister of State for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation

Through greater international scientific collaboration we can solve the greatest global challenges

When it comes to science, research and innovation, the UK undoubtedly punches above its weight. Despite our small size and being home to less than 1% of the global population, we account for 3.9% of the world’s researchers, 6.4% of all journal articles and 15.9% of the world’s most cited articles. Our world-leading universities and […]

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12th May 2016 Washington DC, USA

Kim Darroch

by Kim Darroch

British Ambassador to the USA

London summit brings together public and private sectors to fight corruption

Corruption is the cancer at the heart of so many of the world’s problems. It erodes trust, undermines stability, and breeds injustice. It’s costly in so many ways — estimates by the World Economic Forum show that corruption sets the global economy back by $2.6 trillion. And the World Bank has estimated that corruption adds to global […]

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15th January 2016 Washington DC, USA

Spencer Mahony

Former HM Consul & East Coast Director UKTI USA

Tackle the American market like you would Disneyland

With over three hundred million consumers, fifty state governments, entrepreneurial dynamism, century old corporate giants and competition that bite, the US is an enormous, diverse and challenging market to understand. Many UK businesses have a false sense of security when it comes to doing business in the US – often misled by our shared “English” […]

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10th December 2015 Washington DC, USA

Taiba Razwan & JonRobert 'Tat' Tartaglione

Human Rights Day 2015: Reflections from Week of Women

In October, London hosted the first-ever ‘Week of Women’. The Embassy invited two nominees to share perspectives from and about the US. Taiba Razwan who works for Eliminate Domestic Violence (EDV) & advocates for partnership between the US/UK in this field;  JonRobert “Tat” Tartaglione, a Rhode Island native with diversity and inclusion expertise and currently […]

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2nd November 2015 USA

Priya Guha

British Consul General to San Francisco

Having It All

Identity is complicated. As a British-Indian representing the UK overseas I had spent more time spelling my name than talking about gender.   But that changed in 2011 when I became the first female British Consul General to San Francisco. A year later, I had the privilege of joining some of the brightest young Americans at […]

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26th October 2015 Washington DC, USA

Patrick Davies

by Patrick Davies

Deputy Head of Mission, British Embassy, Washington

Leaning In To Gender Equality

The UK has a long history of women who have broken barriers and blazed trails for the next generation. From Her Majesty the Queen to Emmeline Pankhurst. From Margaret Thatcher to Anita Roddick. This list goes on. This week is the beginning of a world-wide effort by the UK Foreign Office to mark the contributions […]

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17th July 2014 Washington DC, USA

Amy English

by Amy English

Congressional Liaison for the Foreign and Security Policy Group

Our NATO: Looking back but moving forward

Yesterday marked 50 days to go until we host the NATO Wales Summit. In Parliament, the UK Minister’s for Europe, David Lidington, addressed Parliament on preparations ahead of the Summit, which will be the largest gathering of international leaders ever to take place in the UK. Over 24,000 room nights have been reserved in over […]

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27th June 2014 Houston, USA

Fútbol brings the UK and Hispanic America closer

I will start off by saying that I am obsessed with the World Cup. OBSESSED. Every four years, nothing matters more than making sure I am able to watch important World Cup matches. I grew up watching the tournament back when most Americans had no clue that it existed. My family emigrated from Mexico to […]

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27th May 2014 Washington DC, USA

Maeve Atkins

by Maeve Atkins

Communications Officer

EU Day: Invitation Received

A nice aspect of my job is that I rarely find myself at the Embassy on a weekend, but earlier this month I happened to spend the better part of a Saturday volunteering my time. It was a special occasion: on 10 May, EU embassies throughout Washington opened their doors for the EU’s Annual Open […]

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UK in USA is a blog about the work of the British Embassy in Washington and our Consulates throughout the United States. Our bloggers come from various backgrounds.

UK in USA is a blog about the work of the British Embassy in Washington and our Consulates throughout the United States. Our bloggers come from various backgrounds.

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