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3rd November 2016 Khartoum

Osama Faisal

Sudanese state minister of investment

Doing business in Sudan: thoughts from the Sudanese state minister of investment

Last month, we received an invitation at the Sudanese Ministry of Investment from the UK Department for Business Innovation and Skills to attend a business conference at Lancaster House, London, which was commissioned in 1825. The conference was about ‘Shaping Business Environments for Global Growth and Prosperity’. I attended this conference and I am delighted for this […]

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6th October 2016 Khartoum

Christopher Trott

UK special representative for Sudan and South Sudan

First visit by UK special representative to Sudan

Imagine spending a year living beside Africa’s longest river (in El Mansoura, Egypt) and then not seeing those waters again for over thirty years. Imagine falling in love with the culture and people of the Sahel in Senegal and being deeply impressed with the diversity and tolerance of the Islamic tradition in Mali and then […]

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1st September 2016 Khartoum

Michael Aron

by Michael Aron

British Ambassador to Khartoum

Darfur: A green and pleasant land

Darfur: A green and pleasant land Last month I visited Darfur for the first time. My first impression was how green and beautiful Darfur is. We flew to Nyala via El Geneina in West Darfur and flying over Darfur I was amazed how green the countryside is at this time of year. Driving along the […]

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4th August 2016 Khartoum

Derek Ivens

Trainer - mentor - journalist

Reflections of a British media trainer in Sudan

Reflections of a British media trainer in Sudan

By way of quick introduction, I’m proud to be a trainer as part of the British Embassy’s media capacity building project which has run for over 3 years and trained hundreds of Sudanese journalists in print, radio and TV skills and also offered them English language courses. The project is delivered by the Thomson Foundation […]

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6th June 2016 Khartoum

Kate Rudd

Chargé d’Affaires

Ramadan Reflections

Ramadan Kareem! On behalf of the British Embassy, and all the British people, I would like to wish all those observing the holy month a very happy and peaceful Ramadan.  The central themes of Ramadan – where many take time to reflect on their own behaviours and give goodwill to others – are universal.  Here […]

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7th April 2016 Khartoum

Chloe Hamborg

Head of Political Section , British Embassy Khartoum

UK-Sudan strategic dialogue: “It’s good to talk”

For people in the UK, the catch phrase “It’s good to talk” conjures up memories of a rather persistent TV advertising campaign for telephone services, from one of our main telecom operators! It was one of those phrases that, during the 1990s, became synonymous with the simple act of picking up the phone and making […]

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3rd March 2016 Khartoum

Chris Pycroft

Head of DFID (the UK’s Department for International Development) in Sudan

First Impressions

My first impressions were wrong. When I arrived last November, I thought that there was limited prospect for meaningful development in Sudan. I thought that the long shadows cast by the decades of conflict in Darfur meant that there would be few opportunities to make progress. I thought that the international community had become constrained […]

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2nd February 2016 Khartoum

Michael Aron

by Michael Aron

British Ambassador to Khartoum

Debating National Identity

I have been following with interest reports of discussions in the committee of the Sudanese National Dialogue dealing with identity. National identity is a subject which comes up in many of my conversations with Sudanese people I meet and there have been some interesting exchanges on Twitter and Facebook recently. In my view it is […]

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7th December 2015 Khartoum

Michael Aron

by Michael Aron

British Ambassador to Khartoum

16 days of Activism

25th November marked International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and the start of 16 days of activism against gender based violence. Globally one in three women are subject to violence. That represents one billion women worldwide-which is where the global campaign ‘One Billion Rising’, to address violence against women, gets its name. […]

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17th November 2015 Khartoum

Projects officer, British Embassy Khartoum

Prospects for Peace and Stability in Darfur

I come from a country that has been facing internal war for more than half a century. And I am part of a generation branded as “children of conflict”. I try not to forget those times now that I am a Project Officer at the British Embassy Khartoum in charge of delivering “Conflict Prevention Programmes”. Having […]

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