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5th February 2018 Los Angeles, USA

David Pasquini

Consul, UK Government Office in San Diego

Robotics and the Blue Economy

It is no secret that San Diego, tucked away in the southwest corner of America’s largest state by GDP, is rapidly emerging as a hotspot for the development of robotic technology. The pulse of San Diego’s “Robot Valley”, as it is increasingly referred to, is the University of California, San Diego, but the ecosystem is […]

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5th January 2018 Los Angeles, USA

Royal Society and SIN expore AI for social good in Los Angeles

Last month, the Science and Innovation Network joined the Royal Society to host a series of events around the Neural Information Processing Systems conference in California. This is the first in an ongoing series of activities in the US exploring the challenges and opportunities as AI technology becomes more prevalent in society. You can find […]

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13th August 2015 Toronto, Canada

DementiaHack2015: Solving the challenges of living with dementia

Few people underestimate the scale of the challenge presented by dementia. The latest numbers are so large and terrifying that they start to lose meaning: 44 million people living with dementia worldwide, double this amount by 2030; a societal cost of £26 billion in England, treble this by 2030; 25 % of hospital beds in […]

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9th October 2014 Washington DC, USA

Battles historic and partnerships enduring

The P-51 Mustang was an iconic fighter aircraft in US combat service during the 1940s and 1950s during the Second World War, and the Korean War. A global phenomenon, it was also pressed into service by allies including Australia, South Africa, the Republic of Korea, France and the Netherlands. It was first flown operationally by […]

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14th July 2014 Washington DC, USA


by James Illingworth

Military Attached and Head of the British Army Staff – United States

Testing new technologies for the battlefield

The following is a guest post from Captain Graham Henderson, Plans Staff Officer within the Headquarters of the UK’s 1st Mechanized Brigade who participated in the Network Integration Evaluation (NIE). Heavy wind gusts and unforgiving terrain set ideal conditions for testing new equipment in a joint exercise known as the NIE. The Network Integration Evaluation […]

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27th June 2014 Houston, USA

Fútbol brings the UK and Hispanic America closer

I will start off by saying that I am obsessed with the World Cup. OBSESSED. Every four years, nothing matters more than making sure I am able to watch important World Cup matches. I grew up watching the tournament back when most Americans had no clue that it existed. My family emigrated from Mexico to […]

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19th June 2014 Washington DC, USA

The next step forward

When Google unveiled its latest prototype of a self-driving car in May, it marked a new stage in the relationship between humans and autonomous vehicles in a very public way. But it is just one visible piece of the technical progress in areas such as autonomous systems, advanced manufacturing, and in the thinking on how […]

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25th April 2014 Washington DC, USA

From Washington to Beijing

One of the hardest things I have to do is explain my job. I work on Asia at the British Embassy in Washington DC, and “why?” is the most common question. And, particularly from Americans, “But the UK isn’t a Pacific nation, you haven’t got any skin in the game.” But the simple answer is […]

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17th April 2014 Washington DC, USA


by Andrew Preston

Development Counsellor

Incentivizing Innovation in #Development

I’ve been getting into Twitter in the last couple of weeks. I know I’m only five years later than everyone else, but I’m loving the new insights and the quirkiness of it all. Two things were “trending” on my Twitter timeline recently that, seemingly unrelated, made me reflect on the incentives shaping donor effectiveness. The […]

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8th April 2014 Washington DC, USA

Bradley Keelor

by Bradley Keelor

Senior Science and Innovation Policy Advisor

Big Data: More Than Just a Pretty Face

Buzzword alert: If you haven’t heard the phrase big data, you may have been living under a rock for quite some time. It’s everywhere. When people are talk about ‘working in the cloud’ and making ‘predictions about elections,’ they’re talking about using big data. Sounds impressive, right? Well… if you don’t know what the phrase […]

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