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15th September 2016 Skopje, Macedonia

Charles Garrett

British Ambassador to Macedonia

Democracy is not a spectator sport

Today, 15 September, is International Day of Democracy – celebrated each year by the UN and its members. Why celebrate a system of government? What’s so special about democracy? I think the answer is simple. Democracy is the only system of Government that puts ordinary people at its centre. It ensures the people have a […]

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6th September 2016 Skopje, Macedonia

Charles Garrett

British Ambassador to Macedonia

Improving quality of justice in Macedonia

I spent this morning in conversation with Macedonia’s Justice Minister Valdet Xhaferi and the Centre for Legal Research and Analysis (CLRA), a Skopje-based civil society organisation. The topic was how we can strengthen the judicial system in Macedonia. And our conversation formed part of the launch of a programme of activities led by the CLRA […]

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16th May 2016 Skopje, Macedonia

Charles Garrett

British Ambassador to Macedonia

Name me one country where corruption doesn’t exist

Name me one country where corruption doesn’t exist.  You can’t, I know.  Corruption exists, to a greater or lesser extent, in every country.  And that global reach is one of the reasons behind the Anti-Corruption Summit hosted by Prime Minister David Cameron in London on 12 May. This was no conventional summit limited to Heads […]

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29th April 2016

Stephen Townsend

Deputy Head of Mission, British Embassy to the Holy See

Britain and Human Rights

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s Annual Human Rights and Democracy Report was published on 21 April.  This report is aimed at increasing awareness of the UK’s role in promoting human rights work overseas, and to encourage countries to uphold and maintain their international human rights record. The Report lists 30 human rights priority countries: these […]

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22nd March 2016 Skopje, Macedonia

Dimitar Nizamovski

Programme coordinator at the Youth Education Forum in Macedonia

Dialogue and Democracy – the Value of Magna Carta for Contemporary Times

On 15 June 2015, the United Kingdom marked the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta Libertatum, one of the most significant legal documents ever written. “No freeman shall be taken, or imprisoned, or outlawed, or exiled, or in any way harmed, nor will we go upon him nor will we send upon […]

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12th November 2015

Leigh Turner

by Leigh Turner

Ambassador to Austria and UK Permanent Representative to the United Nations and other International Organisations in Vienna

Creating an environment for foreign investment: what “independent” means

I recently met a group of top Turkish business folk from the financial sector.  They were an impressive group and a powerful advertisement for the talent Turkey has to offer. We discussed how best to boost Turkey’s role as a financial centre. Turkey needs more inward investment.  It must compete for that investment with other […]

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9th November 2015 Hanoi, Vietnam

Giles Lever

by Giles Lever

British Ambassador to Vietnam

The Rule of Law

The UK and Vietnam don’t have much in the way of shared history. Sometimes that makes my job harder; sometimes easier. But last week, an all-star cast gathered in Hanoi – the Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy, Lord Puttnam; the Vietnamese Minister and Vice Minister of Justice; a former British High Court judge; and most of […]

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19th June 2015 Sofia, Bulgaria

Emma Hopkins

by Emma Hopkins

British Ambassador to Bulgaria

No One Is Above the Law

UK embassies around the world along with my Foreign Minister this week commemorate the 800 year anniversary since the sealing of Magna Carta in a tented encampment on the banks of the River Thames in 1215. Magna Carta has become a strong British brand – over the centuries it has come to stand for much […]

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30th March 2015 Skopje, Macedonia

Celebrating three great English exports in 2015

As a Briton and the British Ambassador in Skopje, I take great pride in the culture and achievements of each of the four nations that make up the United Kingdom. I enjoy marking each of the national days. As a seven-eighths Englishman, however, England is closest to my heart. As we enter April, the month we […]

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3rd February 2014 Kingston, Jamaica

The UK Bribery Act

A key message that we have been working on is spreading the word that a clear nexus exists between strong institutions, an effective rule of law and transparency, on the one hand, and economic growth, on the other.

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