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20th March 2017 Geneva, Switzerland

Bob Last

by Bob Last

Deputy Head, UK Mission Political Team

What lies beneath

I’m in big trouble. For the second Sunday running I’ve single-handedly, polished off a 26-pack of chocolate wafer biscuits which were supposed to be carefully rationed for the kids over the weeks ahead. I know it’s not going to do me much good come the morning as I try and squeeze into my suit, but […]

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31st January 2017 Vienna, Austria

Sian MacLeod

by Sian MacLeod

Ambassador and Head of UK Delegation to the OSCE, Vienna

The Human Dimension

Human rights and fundamental freedoms are integral to the concept of comprehensive security embodied by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. This year this UK has taken on the role of chairing OSCE Human Dimension Committee. This is one of the main pillars of the organisation. How governments treat their people, and we […]

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24th January 2017 London, UK

Sue Breeze

Head of Human Rights for a Stable World Team

The Holocaust: Why is it still relevant today?

Introduction by Rob Fenn, Head of Human Rights & Democracy Department: By any standards, 2016 was a dramatic year. Finding myself in interesting times, my personal reaction has been to read history. My phone is now crammed with adventure novels set in an equally tumultuous period for the UK, the mid 17th Century – and […]

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9th December 2016 Holy See

Simona Prete

Policy and Communications, British Embassy to the Holy See

Standing Up against Slavery

On 10 December, the UN will commemorate the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The focus this year is “standing up for the rights of others”: a call to uphold human rights in our global community, where each of us can make a difference. The Foreign Office in London and all British Embassies […]

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25th October 2016 Skopje, Macedonia

Paul Edwards

Deputy Head of Misison, British Embassy Skopje

Imagine a world without investigative journalism

I attended a conference on investigative journalism recently and had the chance to meet both journalists and those who support them. I took the opportunity to thank them for the difficult, and sometimes dangerous job they do. A job which is so important to the public interest and for which few journalists get the recognition […]

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11th October 2016 Skopje, Macedonia

Charles Garrett

British Ambassador to Macedonia

Not being treated fairly? Maybe the Ombudsman could help

Last week I joined the Ombudsman of Macedonia and Sakam da Kazam to officially mark our three-way cooperation on a new project Speak Up for the Ombudsman. From this autumn until spring 2018 this project will provide one more channel to give voice to citizens of Macedonia who need help from the Ombudsman. The aims […]

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23rd September 2016 UK, London

Alok Sharma

by Alok Sharma

Minister for Asia and the Pacific

Celebrating success with Aung San Suu Kyi, and looking to the future for Burma

This week in New York, Burma reached another significant milestone, in what has already been a momentous year for the country. Among the throngs of world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly Secretary General Ban Ki-moon held a meeting to celebrate the conclusion of his partnership group on Burma – their work is complete. […]

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15th September 2016 London, UK

Baroness Anelay

by Baroness Anelay

Foreign Office Minister for Human Rights

International Day of Democracy 2016

A year ago today, to mark International Day of Democracy, I launched the Magna Carta Partnership Initiative.  This consisted of a series of small projects in selected parts of the world where we judged that UK expertise could reinvigorate and promote the development of democracy, and strengthen the rule of law.  Through this support, we […]

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26th May 2016

Nigel Baker

by Nigel Baker

Ambassador to the Holy See (2011-2016)

Catholic religious on the front line

Baroness Anelay, Foreign Office Minister and the Prime Minister’s Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict, paid a brief visit to Rome last week. The main focus of her trip was to meet religious men and women from Catholic congregations working in Africa and elsewhere to help the victims of sexual violence in conflict. The […]

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29th April 2016

Stephen Townsend

Deputy Head of Mission, British Embassy to the Holy See

Britain and Human Rights

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s Annual Human Rights and Democracy Report was published on 21 April.  This report is aimed at increasing awareness of the UK’s role in promoting human rights work overseas, and to encourage countries to uphold and maintain their international human rights record. The Report lists 30 human rights priority countries: these […]

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