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15th December 2016 Beijing, China

Holly White

by Holly White

Head of the Science and Innovation Network in China and the Science and Innovation Regional Manager for Asia Pacific

Developing the first UK-China joint strategy on science and innovation

On 6th December I attended the 4th UK-China People to People Dialogue which is chaired by Vice Premier Liu Yandong and Jeremy Hunt. It covers a range of issues including science and innovation, education, health and culture. John Loughhead, Chief Scientific Advisor at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, travelled to Shanghai to […]

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30th September 2016 Kolkata, India

Bruce Bucknell

by Bruce Bucknell

British Deputy High Commissioner Kolkata

Learning Visit

India-Nepal border at Sunauli

I was sitting with a group of policemen and border officials in a police hut drinking sweet tea. The younger ones were looking at me anxiously as I started to ask them questions about their work and what they were doing. It was late morning and it was hot outside – around 35°C (or 95 […]

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29th April 2016

Stephen Townsend

Deputy Head of Mission, British Embassy to the Holy See

Britain and Human Rights

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s Annual Human Rights and Democracy Report was published on 21 April.  This report is aimed at increasing awareness of the UK’s role in promoting human rights work overseas, and to encourage countries to uphold and maintain their international human rights record. The Report lists 30 human rights priority countries: these […]

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17th August 2015

Stephen Townsend

Deputy Head of Mission, British Embassy to the Holy See

Diplomatic Uniforms at the Holy See

One of the quirks of being posted to the Holy See is that it is one of the few in the world where Ambassador and Deputy Head of Mission regularly have to wear diplomatic uniforms. It comes as a surprise to many that the Foreign Office has a uniform at all – unless they had […]

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1st July 2015

Nigel Baker

by Nigel Baker

Ambassador to the Holy See (2011-2016)

Global networks

This is a networked world. And yet there are few genuinely global networks out there. By that I mean networks that have a capacity to operate globally, co-ordinated centrally but operating in capillary fashion, horizontally in a radial pattern as well as vertically in a hub and spoke model. One of the reasons why we […]

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19th September 2013 Stockholm, Sweden

Paul Johnston

by Paul Johnston

Ambassador to Sweden

The Languages of Diplomacy

When I learned Swedish before coming out to Stockholm I did so at a language centre in the city of London. This week the Foreign Office has reopened its own language centre, part of our “Diplomatic Excellence” campaign, to improve  the skills of our people, the quality of our policy-making and the relevance of our […]

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24th January 2013

Nigel Baker

by Nigel Baker

Ambassador to the Holy See (2011-2016)

Training Diplomats to Understand Religion

Earlier this week, I was in London to attend and address the first ever course run by the Foreign Office on religion and foreign policy. The particular focus was on the issue of freedom of religion or belief, but the wider goal of the course is to help British diplomats understand better the importance of […]

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8th January 2013 Washington DC, USA

FCO Seeks Innovative NGO Counter-Proliferation Projects to Fund

How do you prevent the spread of dangerous weapons around the world? Negotiations? Treaties? Sanctions? Seizing illegal shipments? Securing dangerous materials? All of these play an important part. But there is always room for innovation. And who is better suited than the wealth of NGOs and think-tanks based here in the US to combine their […]

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