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8th March 2017 Beirut, Lebanon

Hugo Shorter

by Hugo Shorter

British Ambassador to Lebanon

#IWD2017: Give women the chance to succeed

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Lebanon is a beautiful country. Its young people are some of the most talented in the world; its workforce one of the best educated; its businessmen amongst the most savvy and its artists among the most creative. But there is something else I need to say […]

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22nd February 2017 Vienna, Austria

Sian MacLeod

by Sian MacLeod

Ambassador and Head of UK Delegation to the OSCE, Vienna

Relevant, Responsive and Responsible Democracy

Democracy…..has the disadvantage of merely counting votes not weighing them. (Dean Inge 1860-1954) Meeting in Paris in 1990 the states of the Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe, forerunner of the OSCE, heralded ‘A New Era of Democracy, Peace and Unity’: We undertake to build, consolidate and strengthen democracy as the only system of […]

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22nd February 2017 Skopje, Macedonia

Sër Allan Dankan

Ministër Për Evropë dhe Amerikë

Në prag të vizitës në Maqedoni

Nga momenti që Mbretëria e Bashkuar votoi të largohet nga Bashkimin Evropian, njerëzit që i kam takuar jashtë shtetit shpesh më kanë pyetur të njëjtën pyetje: Çfarë do të thotë kjo për vendin tim? Përgjigjja ime është gjithmonë e njëjta, Mbretëria e Bashkuar largohet nga Bashkimi Europian por nuk e lëshon Europën. Në vizitën time […]

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26th January 2017 Skopje, Macedonia

Charles Garrett

British Ambassador to Macedonia

#Macedonia2027: Your feedback matters

Last week I asked where you would like Macedonia to be in 2027.  I illustrated the question with a vision of a country moving strongly forward. A successful European state, ahead of the pack in the Balkans, leading by example. Name issue resolved. In NATO. Negotiating with the EU. Of course, in an exercise like […]

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21st December 2016 Abuja, Nigeria

Louise Edwards

2nd Secretary Political (Niger Delta) and Head of Communications

Rivers Re-Run Elections

Last weekend I was part of a team from the British High Commission, joined by US and German colleagues who travelled to Rivers State, Nigeria to observe the Rivers State re run elections.  The elections in Rivers State are notoriously problematic (this was the third attempt at running the elections here), but we hoped that things […]

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25th October 2016 Skopje, Macedonia

Paul Edwards

Deputy Head of Misison, British Embassy Skopje

Imagine a world without investigative journalism

I attended a conference on investigative journalism recently and had the chance to meet both journalists and those who support them. I took the opportunity to thank them for the difficult, and sometimes dangerous job they do. A job which is so important to the public interest and for which few journalists get the recognition […]

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23rd September 2016 UK, London

Alok Sharma

by Alok Sharma

Minister for Asia and the Pacific

Celebrating success with Aung San Suu Kyi, and looking to the future for Burma

This week in New York, Burma reached another significant milestone, in what has already been a momentous year for the country. Among the throngs of world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly Secretary General Ban Ki-moon held a meeting to celebrate the conclusion of his partnership group on Burma – their work is complete. […]

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15th September 2016 Colombo, Sri Lanka

Laura Davies

by Laura Davies

Deputy High Commissioner to Sri Lanka and the Maldives

Protecting the space

Democracy is the best path to long term peace, stability and sustainable development. It doesn’t just mean elections, though they are important too.  It’s about having a say in the decisions that affect us, independent institutions that function as they were intended to and rule of law that upholds our human rights and protects us […]

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15th September 2016 Skopje, Macedonia

Charles Garrett

British Ambassador to Macedonia

Democracy is not a spectator sport

Today, 15 September, is International Day of Democracy – celebrated each year by the UN and its members. Why celebrate a system of government? What’s so special about democracy? I think the answer is simple. Democracy is the only system of Government that puts ordinary people at its centre. It ensures the people have a […]

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8th September 2016 Beirut, Lebanon

Hugo Shorter

by Hugo Shorter

British Ambassador to Lebanon

Presidency: Time for #IndependenceDay2

It is now a year since I took up my appointment as UK Ambassador (designate) to Lebanon. It’s time to admit that, for all the wonderful experiences of my first year in this beautiful and welcoming country, there has been one big disappointment: Lebanon’s failure to elect a new President. And this is fundamental, because […]

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