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24th April 2017

Canberra, Australia

Standing side-by-side

by Brigadier Andrew Harrison DSO MBE

Defence and Military Advisor

31st March 2017 Kolkata, India

Bruce Bucknell

by Bruce Bucknell

British Deputy High Commissioner Kolkata

The next generation

The cross over point is arriving soon, at some point early in 2021. This is when India becomes the world’s most populous country, according to population projections produced by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs, of the United Nations. As of 2015, those in the cohort aged 25-29 years in China were the last […]

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30th March 2017 Skopje, Macedonia

Paul Edwards

Deputy Head of Mission

Getting your kilo of tomatoes

On 29th March, the Deputy Head of Mission, Paul Edwards, spoke at a national conference to discuss the effectiveness of the state and public administration. The conference was part of an ongoing UK funded programme on monitoring administrative justice. This is what Paul said about the link between public services and tomatoes: The UK has […]

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29th March 2017 Tokyo

Elizabeth Hogben

by Elizabeth Hogben

Head of Science and Innovation (Japan), British Embassy Tokyo

Behind the scenes at the museum: treasures from the natural world draw the crowds in Japan

A visit to one of London’s museums, with free entrance to the public, is one of the highlights of a trip to the capital for many tourists. For the Natural History Museum, a world-famous attraction, foreign visitors now make up around 60% of the five million people enjoying its galleries, exhibitions, events and education programmes […]

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28th March 2017 Vienna, Austria

Leigh Turner

by Leigh Turner

Ambassador to Austria and UK Permanent Representative to the United Nations and other International Organisations in Vienna

Legal highs and “NPS”: concrete steps

What do Project NEPTUNE and New Zealand have in common? Both are working to tackle the problem of New Psychoactive Substances (NPS), also known as legal highs. I recently opened an expert panel in Vienna, organised by the UK and New Zealand with the UN Office of Drugs and Crime, on tackling NPS. The New […]

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28th March 2017 Vienna, Austria

Sian MacLeod

by Sian MacLeod

Ambassador and Head of UK Delegation to the OSCE, Vienna

Not Just Someone Else’s Problem: Prevention of Torture

Over the past fortnight I have spent a lot of time reading and thinking about prevention of torture. As a diplomat my professional interest has largely related previously to relevant international conventions and to countries that disregard international obligation and use torture as a means of intimidation or coercion.  As a UK citizen I have […]

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27th March 2017 London, UK

Jack Pearson

by Jack Pearson

Senior Digital Communications Manager

Diplomacy – one tweet at a time

‘Blog first appeared on The State of Digital Diplomacy 2016‘ Alison Daniels & FCO Digital Team “Diplomacy is the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip (103 characters).” The famous quote by Churchill is not just pithy aside it’s also an almost perfectly […]

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27th March 2017 Geneva, Switzerland

Bob Last

by Bob Last

Deputy Head, UK Mission Political Team

Kicking the Habit

My last blog worried some of you enough that you offered to send biscuits to my children in adult-proof containers. I’d like to offer some reassurance that my kids have started hiding their chocolate almost forgiven me for my thievery and that I am now receiving professional support for my wafer addiction. My wife has […]

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26th March 2017 Canberra, Australia

Menna Rawlings

by Menna Rawlings

British High Commissioner to Australia

London, my London

I have two, what I jokingly call, spiritual homes in the UK. One is Wales, land of my fathers (actually my mother) and home now to all of my immediate family. The other is London. I was born in Hillingdon to the north-west of the capital, and raised in Ruislip, near the end of the […]

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24th March 2017 Kolkata, India

Bruce Bucknell

by Bruce Bucknell

British Deputy High Commissioner Kolkata

Tea garden

I can’t find a good explanation for why they are called gardens. However, I’ve just seen a tea plantation or estate, as we tend to call them in Britain, and can understand why they are called tea gardens in India. Last weekend, I visited a tea garden in Assam, one of the main tea production […]

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22nd March 2017 London, UK

Rob Fenn

by Rob Fenn

Head of Human Rights and Democracy Department, FCO

If you seek his monument, look around you

I seem to have reached an age when there will be funerals. My father’s last year was bittersweet, after a life so fully lived. A similar mixture of grief and celebration permeated the funeral last month of Sir Nigel Rodley, the most distinguished British human rights expert of his generation. In these personal reflections I […]

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