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Greg Dorey


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18th May 2012

Freestyle Olympics

This morning I was again helping raise the London 2012 flag in front of our Embassy, to mark the arrival of the Olympic Flame in the UK. This time I was assisted by Yanet Siyoum, a young and promising Ethiopian swimmer, who is preparing not just for the Olympic Games but also her college exams. Although she lacks a coach and access to proper training facilities, Yanet has still managed to progress to international level. In a few weeks’ time, she will be living her dream – as Ethiopia’s only swimmer in the Olympics. She is already a role model for young Ethiopians.

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6 comments on “Freestyle Olympics

  1. Dear Mr.Dorey, thank you for yr.2nd report about the “Olympics” in London.It ‘s great to read both of them from a completely different point of view (…ćross the world). From the
    Ethiopian one. My full respect for women like Mrs.Yanet Seyoum. 1st. cause of her outstanding courage of being the only female swimmer for her country in London plus 2nd.:Just to try to live her own-not easy I do strongly guess, “Ethiopian way of Life”.BW + good luck for both of you in London.
    BW, Ingo-Steven, Stuttgart-F.R.G.

  2. Dear Mr.Dorey
    Not only as an older brother of Yanet Seyoum but also as a reader of your article,I cann’t tell you enough how much I was moved when I read this article.
    I am greatfull that Yanet have this opportunity to represent her country and all hard working young women in Ethiopia as well.
    As this is her great begining of her professional athletic journey and her junior year in Engineering.I am also greatfull for the fact that its is in london,since Great Britain is a great ally for Ethiopia for over a century.
    I would like to pass my respect and appreciation to Mr.Dorey and the British deplomatic community in Addis Ababa for the support to Yanet Seyoum.
    I hope I will see you and have a few words with you Mr.Dorey.Good luck Yanet and Mr.Doney.
    Yemane,McGuire AFB,NJ

  3. Yani we proud by u cause just representing the cauntry in swiming by it self much enough.failure is the way of sucsess,remember the history of kidus yared how many times he fail and finaly he achieve yanet also will get more sucses on the next olompic. God bless u and ethiopia.

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