Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting

20th April 2018 Gaborone, Botswana

Katharine Ransome

by Katharine Ransome

British High Commissioner to Botswana and UK Representative to the Southern Africa Development Community

Ending wildlife crime across the Commonwealth

In this part of the world, elephants can wander through three different Commonwealth countries before lunch.  Their routes are ancient, learned from generations of ancestors, and even a physical border like a river is no challenge to them.

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17th April 2018 Canberra, Australia

Menna Rawlings

by Menna Rawlings

British High Commissioner to Australia

The Commonwealth: Passing the baton

This month is all about the Commonwealth. We are on the cusp between the end of the (fantastic) Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast, and the start of the Commonwealth Summit (also known as CHOGM – Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting) on 16-20 April, when the baton will be handed, metaphorically, to the UK as […]

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10th April 2018 Wellington, New Zealand

Laura Clarke

by Laura Clarke

British High Commissioner to New Zealand and Samoa, Governor of the Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno Islands.

Henderson Island: plastic pollution in paradise

Plastic on Henderson Island

Henderson Island is one of the most remote islands in the world.  Uninhabited, and largely untouched, it was recently found to have the highest density of plastics pollution anywhere in the world. So what has happened, and what can we do about it? Henderson is one of four Pitcairn Islands and lies bang in the […]

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10th April 2018 London, UK

Joanna Roper

by Joanna Roper

FCO Special Envoy for Gender Equality

One in three young people live in the Commonwealth: education is the key to their future

The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting will soon be upon us.  A major gathering of representatives from 53 governments who look after 2.4 billion people – a third of the world’s population – over 60% of whom are 29 or under.  It’s also an opportunity for the UK to demonstrate its commitment to this multilateral […]

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13th March 2017 London, UK

Richard Moore

by Richard Moore

FCO Political Director

The Commonwealth is no Empire

When the recently elected Gambian President announced that he intended to take his country back into the Commonwealth (the previous president had withdrawn Gambia from the organisation), one of my twitter followers commented that Gambia was becoming a British colony again! For some in Turkey, the sun has never set on the British Empire.  But […]

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