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10th December 2015 Oslo, Norway

Forbi forhandlingene i Paris: klimainnsats etter COP21

Blogginnlegg av Ambassadør Sarah Gillett Forhandlingene i Paris beveger seg framover. Mange land jobber hardt for å få på plass en sterk avtale. Mens forhandlingsledere leter etter en felles plattform de siste dagene av COP21, passer det godt å minne oss selv på at alle har en rolle å spille i å finne de langsiktige […]

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12th August 2015 Oslo, Norway

Pluto, Paris and new horizons for our climate on Planet Earth

By HM Ambassador Sarah Gillett The space probe “New Horizons” recently reached the edge of our solar system, after a journey of 4.7 billion kilometres to Pluto. I was amongst the many following with admiration and excitement the “call home message”, the imagery, and the promise of fascinating extensions to our knowledge of the universe. […]

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16th June 2015 Oslo, Norway

Celebrating Historic Documents

By HM Ambassador Sarah Gillett I arrived in Norway last year a couple of months after the 200th anniversary of Norway’s 1814 constitution. But the significance of the occasion reverberated long after 17 May 2014. And last week it was wonderful to witness Eidsvoll, where the constitution was signed, receive one of the prestigious Europa […]

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10th June 2015 Oslo, Norway

Never Forgetting the Second World War

Blog post by Ambassador Sarah Gillett Recent weeks have been filled with events marking the Second World War, especially notable this year given the historical milestones of 75 years since it began, and 70 years since it concluded. Last Sunday was a particularly significant date for Norway. On 7 June 1940 King Haakon left Tromsø […]

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19th May 2015 Oslo, Norway

Syttende Mai

Although I have now been in Norway for a few months, I always knew that my “induction” would not be complete until I had experienced Grunnlovsdagen on the Seventeenth of May. Despite hearing and reading a lot about the significance of Constitution Day, Sunday’s festivities exceeded my already high expectations. The photographs look great. They […]

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17th March 2015 Oslo, Norway

Remember Crimea

A year ago, the Kremlin helped stage an illegal and illegitimate “referendum” in Crimea that culminated in Russia annexing Crimea from Ukraine, redrawing the map of Europe by force, and deepening the burgeoning crisis in east Ukraine. The so-called referendum, hastily prepared in just two weeks, was a mockery of democracy. There were no independent, […]

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6th January 2015 Oslo, Norway

Captain Scott’s Norwegian memorial

Contributed by Lt Col Matt Skuse RM, British Defence Attaché in Norway. On 28 December 2014 the British Embassy was invited to participate in a ceremony commemorating the 100 year anniversary of a Captain Scott memorial monument raised on the mountain plateau at Finse. Captain Robert Falcon Scott, a British Royal Navy Officer and explorer, […]

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24th June 2014 Oslo, Norway

EU Energy Security, Green Growth & Partnership with Norway

Energy security and climate policies that support green growth are two sides of the same coin. Improving resilience and capacity on one side strengthens the other. As EU leaders gather this week to discuss these interlinked issues, the following is a review of the priorities that the British Government will bring to the table. Norway […]

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10th June 2014 Oslo, Norway

Storbritannias nasjonale klimatiltak

Denne uken er verdens klimaforhandlere samlet i Bonn for å jobbe videre på veien mot en global klimaavtale i Paris i 2015. Denne gangen er det et sterkt fokus på hva hvert enkelt land kan bidra med i kampen mot klimaendringene. Den britiske regjeringen bidro til å sette nasjonale tiltak på dagsorden med å innføre […]

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