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20th April 2017 Tripoli, Libya

Jonathan Worgan

Political and Press and Public Affairs, Tripoli (Tunis)

Twiplomacy from Tripoli

Jon Worgan, 2nd Secretary Political,  on how @UKinLibya built their 200k+ following and used twitter to cross borders and bridge political divides. Almost half of Libya’s young population use social media. It was a unifying force during Libya’s revolution, but is now more often a driver of division. Getting our digital comms right is hard […]

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20th March 2017 London, UK

Joanna Roper CMG

Special Envoy for Gender Equality

Addressing the barriers that hold back women

We recently celebrated International Women’s Day, a day when we can celebrate the achievements of women in history and around the world. It’s also a day when we look to address the barriers that hold back women. I was delighted to have been appointed to the new role of Special Envoy for Gender Equality. This […]

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17th March 2017 London, UK

Liam Browne

Artistic Director at DoranBrowne

Curator’s view: Home of St Patrick Festival

This year’s Home of St Patrick’s Festival will be running over 17 days (3-19 March) in the Northern Irish counties of Armagh and Down to celebrate the amazing life of Saint Patrick. It will be bringing together renowned international artists including, Aboriginal Musicians (B2M) from Australia and The Secret Ensemble with artists from Iran and […]

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17th March 2017 London, UK

Naomi Krieger Carmy

Director of the UK Israel Tech Hub at British Embassy Israel

From overlooked to overachieving – through UK tech

Like many teenagers, Maria Nassar was fascinated by popular fantasy books, depicting dragons, monsters and doomsday scenes. At just 16 years old, this native of Nazareth in Israel came up with a great idea, pursued it and five years later she now jointly owns an electronic platform for independent story-tellers with millions of monthly unique […]

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8th March 2017 London, UK

Caroline Wilson

Director, Europe

Women leading British diplomacy across Europe

“I would venture to guess than Anon, who wrote so many poems without signing them, was often a woman” – Virginia Woolf hit the nail on the head. Too often the incredible work and leadership provided by women has been obscured by modesty, self-doubt, or in some cases outright sexism. The UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth […]

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7th March 2017 London, UK

Fiona Blyth

Senior Policy Adviser, UKMis New York

Working for Somalia through the United Nations Security Council

Delivering support and achieving progress in Somalia requires more than one international partner. Multilateral institutions are a vital way of convening the international community and combining our efforts to have a greater effect. One of the many ways in which the UK supports progress in Somalia is through our Permanent Seat on the United Nations […]

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7th March 2017 London, UK

Sam Grout-Smith

Peacebuilding, Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs, UKMis New York

The fight to end slavery is still not won

To me, and I expect many others, the word slavery conjures up images of the horrors of the transatlantic slave trade. Although the institution of slavery has been almost entirely abolished around the globe, there are still millions of people living in conditions of slavery. When we talk of child soldiers, women trafficked into the […]

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27th February 2017 London, UK

Matthew Rycroft

Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations

The UK Presidency of the UN Security Council

Matthew Rycroft

The United Kingdom will take on the Presidency of the UN Security Council for the month of March. This will be our 62nd Security Council Presidency, a position that rotates between each of the 15 members of the Council monthly. The UK’s first Presidency was in 1946. At that time conflict prevention was top of […]

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21st February 2017 London, UK

Aycan Alp Erozalp

Digital Communications, Press and Public Affairs Officer, British Embassy Ankara

0 to 50 in 3 years

Many of us have had second-hand cars that take that long to get from 0 to 50!  But add a “K” to the 50 and you have a description of the British Ambassador to Turkey, Richard Moore’s Twitter journey since he arrived in Turkey in January 2014.  Richard was recently proclaimed by Turkey’s biggest selling […]

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20th February 2017 London, UK

Sally Balcombe

CEO VisitBritain / VisitEngland

When it comes to TV and film, Britain has got it all

Watching a gripping drama play out on a cinema screen can be transporting, taking your imagination on a journey to places new, exciting and unexplored. But what about when a film literally takes you somewhere, when you can walk onto the set? Film – and, increasingly, television – is a growing driver of tourism in […]

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