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29th December 2014 Sofia, Bulgaria

2014 – Celebrating Friendship between Britain and Bulgaria

by His Excellency the British Ambassador to Bulgaria Jonathan Allen When we began this year with the intention to mark the centenary of the Ambassador’s Residence, we could not have imagined how successful and interesting our year would be. Amongst the many events that we planned, the most successful and most interesting has been our blog. Just […]

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23rd December 2014 Sofia, Bulgaria

Reminiscences of Bulgaria

by Andrew Bache Andrew Bache hadn’t always intended to join the diplomatic service and working for the Foreign Office wasn’t his intention in his early years. But having worked for a large accountancy company, he decided that accountancy wasn’t really his calling and felt himself drawn to the work at Foreign Office. His job there eventually […]

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16th December 2014 Sofia, Bulgaria

Pirin Where I Feel Totally Allive

by James Hughes James Hughes has been living in Bulgaria for over 18 years. The Pirin Mountains are a huge expanse of pure wilderness barely touched by civilisation. Remote and wild they offer total freedom to the adventurous! Helicopter support is a dream, support full stop is pretty limited but that’s the joy, Pirin is […]

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8th December 2014 Sofia, Bulgaria

In the Ambassador’s Office in the 1960s

by Christine Day Christine Day is daughter of the first British Ambassador to Bulgaria Sir William Harpham. Christine was a special guest at this year’s Queen’s Birthday Party that took place on 12 June 2014 – same as in 1964 when Sir William Harpham hosted his first Queen’s Birthday Party as British Ambassador to Bulgaria.  Visiting from the Treasury, Nick Jordan […]

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5th December 2014 Sofia, Bulgaria

Around Bulgaria

by Selby Martin Selby Martin was Head of Chancery and Consul, a position later renamed as Deputy Head of Mission, at British Embassy Sofia in the early 1970s. Our main pastime was travelling round Bulgaria enjoying its magnificent scenery, the churches, monasteries and historic towns. I had taken fishing tackle with me and hoped to fish […]

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30th November 2014 Sofia, Bulgaria

Doing Business in Bulgaria over the Past 30 Years

by Dr. Barbara Page-Roberts Dr. Barbara Page-Roberts is International Marketing Consultant who has been connected to Bulgaria for many years. “I have spent the most of the past 30 years in Bulgaria, and I consider it to be a privilege that I live here permanently for the past ten.” – Dr. Barbara Page Roberts On the face […]

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23rd November 2014 Sofia, Bulgaria

The Bulgarians' Sense of Humour

by John Cloake John Cloake is a former British Ambassador to Bulgaria (1976-1980). When a few months ago we invited him to contribute to the 100 Years UK in BG blog, John came back to us saying that he holds “many good memories of Bulgaria” and that he has always thought that the British Ambassador’s Residence in Sofia was […]

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7th November 2014 Sofia, Bulgaria

My Most Vivid Memory from Sofia

by Mike Johnson Mike Johnson was Administration Officer at British Embassy Sofia in the late 1970s. It was at 9.20pm on 4 March 1977 that the Bucharest earthquake was felt in Sofia. At the time I was the Administration Officer at the British Embassy in Sofia accompanied by my wife, Anne, and five year old son, […]

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31st October 2014 Sofia, Bulgaria

A Way of Life That Is Sadly Going Away

by Prisca Middlemiss Prisca Middlemiss together with her husband Neil Middlemiss were English language teachers in Rousse in the early 1970s. Was it New Year 1974 or 1975? The date escapes me now, but what remains imprinted on my memory is the pig killing. It happened in Vodolei, a village north of Veliko Turnovo, in the middle […]

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23rd October 2014 Sofia, Bulgaria

Memories from Sofia

by Prof. Richard Crampton In his story for the #100UKBG series, the renowned British historian Professor Richard Crampton, author of the book “A Concise History of Bulgaria”, shares memories of his frequent visits to Sofia over the years. Complement with a video of the lecture “British Perceptions of Bulgaria – Some Personal and Professional Reflections”, […]

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