Adam Thomson

British High Commissioner to Pakistan

Part of UK in Pakistan

1st February 2012 Islamabad, Pakistan

The cricket has been great!

Great cricket! Pakistan’s that is. Some of Pakistan’s media described Pakistan’s crushing win over England in the second Test in Dubai as a miracle. To a non-cricketer like me, it didn’t look like a miracle. It looked like a very professional demolition job by some fine spin bowlers.

Umar Gul
Umar Gul celebrates the fall of another England wicket

Of course I would have liked England to win. But on that performance Pakistan deserved the series. Pakistan surprising itself, finding self-confidence, staying focused, bouncing back to beat the best, working as a team, standing on their own two feet – is there a political metaphor in here somewhere? At any rate the cricket has been great. A great reminder of the ties of history and culture that link the UK and Pakistan.

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2 comments on “The cricket has been great!

  1. Mr.Adam you have mace right appreciations on the right side but I think British media was making some wrong way, they are linking it to some kind of Physical Doping , just like Saeed Ajmal Arm angle,

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