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Feature image for:  Beer!There: I thought that would draw you in. What does it have to do with the UK economy though? Well, last week, the UK Chancellor presented the Government’s 2014 Budget. The annual Budget report and statement in Parliament offers an opportunity to take stock of the economic outlook and public finances, while making some policy announcements. … Read more »Beer!

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How GREAT is Innovation?

Feature image for:  How GREAT is Innovation?Earlier this month, the best and brightest minds in innovation, creative media, and tech landed in Austin for the annual SxSW conference and trade show.  Every year I am impressed by the UK companies that attend SxSW, and this year was no different. My colleagues at the British Consulate in Houston support loads of UK companies who are … Read more »How GREAT is Innovation?

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Science: Why it matters to everyone

Feature image for:  Science: Why it matters to everyoneYou could say that science runs in my family. Later this year, after several years of studying the effects of influenza, my older brother will earn his Doctorate in virology. My younger sister studies food science and will soon be a registered dietitian. However, the subject was never my calling. But as a member of the communications team at the … Read more »Science: Why it matters to everyone

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We Stand #withSyria in DC

Feature image for:  We Stand #withSyria in DCSaturday will mark the third anniversary of the start of the conflict in Syria. For me, Syria has been a big part of my working and personal life this week and for the last few years. In my day job we’ve been working with the US and others on ways to secure better access into Syria for humanitarian assistance. More than 3.5 million people are … Read more »We Stand #withSyria in DC

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Africa 2014: pessimism, optimism, or both?

Feature image for:  Africa 2014: pessimism, optimism, or both?Africa has had a “bad start” to 2014. Or so I keep hearing. But I wonder, how does a whole continent have a bad start? Do a billion people collectively have a bad day? What people usually mean is that Africa has experienced a lot of violence this year. No denying that. Horrific atrocities in the Central African Republic or grotesque attacks by … Read more »Africa 2014: pessimism, optimism, or both?

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Discovering what it takes to be an entrepreneur

Feature image for:  Discovering what it takes to be an entrepreneurWhen I was a college student in chemistry (not that long ago), the general career goal associated with “making it” in my field involved thinking big – as in working for big university or big company. While entrepreneurship certainly existed back then, it hadn’t made it very far into my world. The only entrepreneurs I knew in college were … Read more »Discovering what it takes to be an entrepreneur

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