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Our NATO: Looking back but moving forward

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Yesterday marked 50 days to go until we host the NATO Wales Summit. In Parliament, the UK Minister’s for Europe, David Lidington, addressed Parliament on preparations ahead of the Summit, which will be the largest gathering of international leaders ever to take place in the UK. Over 24,000 room nights have been reserved in over 80 hotels in Wales to accommodate the over 185 VIPs and thousands of delegates who … Read more »Our NATO: Looking back but moving forward

Fútbol brings the UK and Hispanic America closer

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I will start off by saying that I am obsessed with the World Cup. OBSESSED. Every four years, nothing matters more than making sure I am able to watch important World Cup matches. I grew up watching the tournament back when most Americans had no clue that it existed. My family emigrated from Mexico to the US many years ago and brought with them a passion for football (or fútbol, … Read more »Fútbol brings the UK and Hispanic America closer

EU Day: Invitation Received

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A nice aspect of my job is that I rarely find myself at the Embassy on a weekend, but earlier this month I happened to spend the better part of a Saturday volunteering my time. It was a special occasion: on 10 May, EU embassies throughout Washington opened their doors for the EU’s Annual Open House Day. For the 7th year, the British Embassy in Washington participated by hosting an … Read more »EU Day: Invitation Received

South Africa’s politics and prosperity at a pivotal moment


As South Africans prepared to go to the polls Wednesday in the Republic’s fifth democratic national election since its first in 1994, I sat here in Chicago – 9,000 miles away and seven hours behind – keeping up with the news over a cup of tea and a heap of quickly-disappearing buttermilk rusks, South Africa’s crunchy pastry perfect for dunking.  It’s been nearly three months since I returned from South Africa, but my … Read more »South Africa’s politics and prosperity at a pivotal moment

Science: Why it matters to everyone

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You could say that science runs in my family. Later this year, after several years of studying the effects of influenza, my older brother will earn his Doctorate in virology. My younger sister studies food science and will soon be a registered dietitian. However, the subject was never my calling. But as a member of the communications team at the British Embassy in Washington, my role is to promote UK … Read more »Science: Why it matters to everyone

A whole new world

The following is a guest post by Dean Churm, British Consul and Consular Regional Operations Manager for the eastern and southern United States. The British Vice-Consulate in Orlando first opened its doors in 1994 following the growth in charter holiday packages to the Disney area (or the House of the Mouse as it is sometimes known locally). Over the years, the number of staff employed on consular work grew in line with the … Read more »A whole new world


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For me, the transatlantic relationship is personal. 16 years ago on Sunday, my family and I (and our dog Matty) emigrated from Huntingdon, near Cambridge, to Chico, California. Of course, there are more extreme contrasts than the UK and California, but as a twelve year-old, everything was so different. When we moved in November 1997, a number of things took a while to adjust to. First, my new friends were … Read more »AmericanEnglish

Remember, remember! The fifth of November….

The following is a guest post from Carole Johnson, First Secretary Asia in the Foreign &  Security Policy Group at the British Embassy, Washington. Returning on the metro from a concert at the Kennedy Center, last Saturday night (and what a fantastic living memorial that arts centre is) I was met with carriages of cartoon characters and caricatures.  Spending my first Halloween in the US is something of an eye-opener!  … Read more »Remember, remember! The fifth of November….

Souper Man – My Day at the Empty Bowls Fundraiser

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The following is a guest post by Craig Harnden, Head Chef, British Embassy.  Earlier this week , I had the opportunity to represent the British Embassy at the Capital Area Food Bank’s 6th Annual ‘Empty Bowls’ fundraiser for hunger relief in the Washington area. Empty Bowls is a unique event that brings local restaurants, and in our case, an Embassy, together to donate and serve up a signature soup and … Read more »Souper Man – My Day at the Empty Bowls Fundraiser

American Football goes East, Football goes West

British Consul General Kevin McGurgan flies with the Jacksonville Jaguars to London.

In the 1980’s, Channel 4 brought American football into teenage British living rooms. Mike Ditka, John Elway and William “The Refrigerator” Perry became household names as schoolkids started to “Go Long”, call “Set, Hut!” and grapple with the new language of football. Many were convinced that the novelty wouldn’t last. Fast forward 25 years and American football in the UK has surpassed expectations. No longer solely watched by expat Americans … Read more »American Football goes East, Football goes West