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50 Days to Go: NATO Summit in Wales 2014

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Pakistan has been invited to join leaders, senior ministers and Defence Chiefs from around 60 countries at the NATO summit in Wales in early September. The summit is planned to be the largest gathering of international leaders ever to take place in Britain. The summit comes as NATO draws down in Afghanistan, its longest ever mission, against the sombre backdrop of events in Ukraine. The summit’s theme “Stronger together: Building … Read more »50 Days to Go: NATO Summit in Wales 2014

Improving trade is the key to Pakistan’s prosperity

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When I first arrived in Pakistan, I said that strengthening trade and investment between the UK and Pakistan is my top priority. British Prime Minister Cameron and Pakistani Prime Minister Sharif, in their last meeting in London, pledged to increase bilateral trade and investment between our two countries to £3 billion by the end of 2015. A revised Trade and Investment Roadmap sets out to further the trade and investment … Read more »Improving trade is the key to Pakistan’s prosperity

Pakistan – A Prime Minister in London

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A year ago today, Pakistan went to the polls to elect a new Government.  Some 50 million Pakistanis turned out to vote.  They made a statement about the future they want for their country – a future based on democracy and accountability through the ballot box.  We went on to see the first ever full democratic transition in the country’s history – with one democratically elected Government and President handing … Read more »Pakistan – A Prime Minister in London

The Sports Connection

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The Asia Cup has just started and cricket fever is in the air. During Pakistan’s opening match in the series, I was intrigued to see how many of my Pakistani acquaintances were glued to their TV sets, constantly updating their Twitter feeds and Facebook statuses. Wins and losses do not keep the Pakistani cricket fan away from the game! Of course, cricket is not just a ‘sport’ in Pakistan – … Read more »The Sports Connection

My first impressions of Pakistan

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Let me start by saying that I am honoured and proud to have been appointed as the British High Commissioner to Pakistan. I believe I have got one of the best jobs in the British Diplomatic Service. The country is also close to my heart. I have some very old connections with Pakistan. My grandfather was in the Punjab Rifles in Rawalpindi, Quetta and Karachi in the 1920s and 1930s … Read more »My first impressions of Pakistan

At the ballot box

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My first visit to a polling station was not to vote, but as a poll clerk.  From 6am until 10pm I sat in a draughty hall in Harrow, north London checking that the voters were on the electoral register, validating their ballot paper with a special machine and handing it to them so they could go into a polling booth and make their choice in secret.  As the day wore … Read more »At the ballot box

“The Mother of all Parliaments” and the mother of all elections

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  I must be in hundreds of photos seen by people around the world. Not because I’m some global celebrity, but because I regularly walk or cycle over the bridge by the Houses of Parliament in London. Each time I do, I end up in the photos of tourists lining up to take pictures of the mother of all parliaments. While those photographs are recognised around the world, the Houses … Read more »“The Mother of all Parliaments” and the mother of all elections

Exploring Faisalabad

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Now, I’m not one who normally gets passionate about sport.  I could have been certain that my first blog from Pakistan, where I recently arrived as the High Commission’s new Press Attaché, would not have been about sport.  But, I am surprisingly doing just that. When I think of sport in Pakistan, cricket comes into my mind first.  It is after all seemingly played on every spare patch of flat … Read more »Exploring Faisalabad


Pakistan Cricket Board XI and British Army XI in Rawalpindi - November 2012

Written by an avid cricket fan and guest blogger from the British High Commission in Islamabad: A green cricketing outfield under a clear blue sky, the sound of leather on willow on warm sunny afternoon with a majestic church spire as a backdrop; this can only be a scene from my youthful cricketing days turning out for Wimbledon Village Cricket Club in the leafy Surrey countryside of England. But wait, something is not … Read more »Howzzat!!

“Nature never did betray the heart that loved her”

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It was my embarrassment and a Pakistani journalist’s passion for the English Lake District that got me there. I was dressed head to toe in waterproofs, having climbed 500m, and the rain was turning to hail and sleet. The crags in the peaks behind me were being smoothed out by the first snowfalls. In the distance England’s largest lake was glinting in low sunlight. Below, the valley was spread out in warm oranges and … Read more »“Nature never did betray the heart that loved her”