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The message is still gender equality

Highlight from the International Women's Day 2014 Breakfast discussion in Jamaica

Today, gender equality is just as relevant as it was in 1910, when International Women’s Day was first celebrated. Despite legislative and social advancements in favor of women’s rights, women and girls in countries like Jamaica, continue to face discrimination,violence, and a lack of economic opportunity. For its part, Jamaica has enacted legislation, which coupled with certain cultural shifts, aim to protect and enforce the rights of women. Incidences of inequality … Read more »The message is still gender equality

The UK Bribery Act

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A key message that we have been working on is spreading the word that a clear nexus exists between strong institutions, an effective rule of law and transparency, on the one hand, and economic growth, on the other. Read more »The UK Bribery Act

What are Embassies for Anyway?

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I was very interested to see a letter last month in The Jamaica Gleaner newspaper with the above title, expressing confusion and scepticism as to the purpose of Embassies. Given that I work in one (a High Commission is just the name for an Embassy between Commonwealth Countries), this set me thinking. I love my job and feel hugely privileged to represent my country in Jamaica. But my colleagues and … Read more »What are Embassies for Anyway?

A Tale of Two Conferences

The best, and worst, part of my job is that I have to go to many conferences and seminars. When they are done well they are stimulating, generate solutions and you come away having met great people and with an inspired outlook. When they are done badly, I know many of you have experienced those and understand my frustration so I needn’t go any further. I recently had the pleasure … Read more »A Tale of Two Conferences

It all started with a Facebook post…


Last week we gave 7 laptop computers to a basic school in St Elizabeth. In furthering our public diplomacy objectives, our aim this time around was to engage with rural Jamaica but even more so to further impact the education sector beyond our Chevening scholarships. We decided to solicit the help of our Facebook users via a competition that would locate an early childhood institution in rural Jamaica  in dire need of computers. About two months after we ended … Read more »It all started with a Facebook post…

The Death Penalty in the English Speaking Caribbean: A Jamaican Perspective

When the English-speaking Caribbean countries attained independence in the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s, their new sovereign Constitutions contained Bills of Rights which created a new and critical opportunity for attacking the death penalty. Each of these Constitutions now contained fundamental rights guarantees against cruel, inhumane and degrading punishment or treatment and in favour of fair trials. Read more »The Death Penalty in the English Speaking Caribbean: A Jamaican Perspective



The majority of my working day is spent designing, developing and managing projects, to support Jamaican nationals returned from the UK settle back into a productive and fulfilling life in Jamaica.   Most of this is informed by listening to Jamaicans the majority of whom tell me they need practical support such as help in getting documentation, finding work and securing accommodation.  Nearly all tell me that once home they want … Read more »DEPORTATION: STIGMA & SUPPORT


Members of the National Football team of Jmaiaa ( The Reggae Boyz ) pose with members of teh British High Commission team and High Commissioner David Fitton just before a six a side charity football match in celebration of the first anniversary pof the London 2012 Olympics

When you think of SPORTS , what often comes to mind is a favorite team, players or a game. Not uncommon, would be thoughts of physical activity and possibly leisure time. However, sports has far outgrown such limiting boundaries, and is now widely accepted as possibly one of the strongest agents of community development Read more »COMMUNITY OUTREACH THROUGH SPORTS

“There is nothing wrong with Jamaica that cannot be fixed by what is right with Jamaica.”

Jamaican Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller (centre) and Their Excellencies Sir Patrick and Lady Allen at the 51st Independent Grand Gala held on August 6th.
credit: Jamaica Information Service

I was struck by these words in the Independence Day message of the Governor General of Jamaica , Sir Patrick Allen.  I had the honour of calling on Sir Patrick a few days later and asked him about this.  He told me about the many examples of untapped excellence, skill, enthusiasm and goodwill which he has experienced when travelling around the country.  There are law abiding Jamaican citizens who want … Read more »“There is nothing wrong with Jamaica that cannot be fixed by what is right with Jamaica.”

No Small Plan – Can a global logistics hub transform Jamaica ?

Panaramic Shot of the Kingston Container Terminal

  Jamaica, though having some bright moments, has been dogged by slow economic development for as long as I can remember. Jamaica’s potential for greatness still exists as the country is characterized as having big dreamers, an entrepreneurial spirit, having tremendous cultural influence and an abundance of natural resources. One of those big dreams is manifesting in the plans for the development of a logistics hub to take advantage of … Read more »No Small Plan – Can a global logistics hub transform Jamaica ?