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A Commonwealth for the future

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Guest blog by the Rt Hon Hugo Swire MP, Minister of State for the Commonwealth   We all know that the Commonwealth has a long and distinguished history. More than 1.7 million Commonwealth men and women gave their lives in two World Wars, defending the free world. But no organisation can be complacent. The Commonwealth must adapt to remain relevant, and must show that it can be a force for … Read more »A Commonwealth for the future

Working in Jamaica while studying in the UK? Yes , you can!

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Ever so often your private life and your public life collide – thankfully this time it’s for the better! In July, I will attend my graduation at the University of Leicester, where I will be given my certificate acknowledging that I have completed a Masters of Business Administration programme. It is the culmination of almost 4 year of stops and starts, hair-pulling, sleepless nights and dogged persistence. I wouldn’t change … Read more »Working in Jamaica while studying in the UK? Yes , you can!

First Impressions

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Below is a guest blog from our Desk Officer in London , Andy Holbrook. Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to learn more about the UK’s relationship with Jamaica when I was invited to stay as a guest at the High Commissioner’s Residence in Kingston. I was recently appointed as Deputy Head of the Caribbean Team at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) in London. At some point I … Read more »First Impressions

Teamwork and friendship

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This is my first blog as the new head of the Migration Team in Kingston Jamaica. As I reflect on my time here so far, teamwork and friendship are the two words that best describe to me how the British High Commission and our partners across the Government of Jamaica and the NGOs come together to make a significant impact. We all work in our own teams, be it the Migration Team … Read more »Teamwork and friendship

My Chevening Experience : Glenn Edward McPhee

Chevening scholar Glen McPhee with the The Rt Hon Hugo Swire MP Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

My academic pursuit at the University of Buckingham was dominated by intellectually stimulating lectures and tutorials. The MA in Security and Intelligence Studies, offered a unique degree of practitioner-led expertise to relate academic and historical analyses of contemporary security and intelligence environments in Western democracies, with a focus on the United Kingdom. Read more »My Chevening Experience : Glenn Edward McPhee

Crash Course in Road Safety

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Forgive the pun but I learnt quite a lot about  the efforts to reduce the number and severity of road accidents recently. Senior Advisor to Road Safety Support, Adam Briggs, visited Jamaica from the UK and was pleased by the willingness and efforts by Jamaica to reduce road accidents and fatalities. During his visit, he met with the National Road Safety Council, the head of traffic in the Jamaican Constabulary … Read more »Crash Course in Road Safety

One year later …..My Jamaica

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As Jamaica celebrates her 52nd anniversary of independence on today , I would like to offer my congratulations, and say thanks for a remarkable and rewarding year working here so far. The UK/Jamaica relationship is a strong partnership. We cooperate in many areas . My continuing objective is to do more. I arrived just over a year ago – in time to take part in the 51st Independence celebrations. I have … Read more »One year later …..My Jamaica

“Go de R**s to sleep…” & other memories of Calabash


I have been to literary festivals in the UK – usually in rain soaked parts of England.  This was my first time at Calabash.  Jamaica’s biannual literary event is more than a festival.  And also less.  It is two and a half days of readings, interviews and performances by Caribbean and non-Caribbean writers set against the backdrop of Treasure Beach, the waves lapping behind the speakers, and a not-so cool … Read more »“Go de R**s to sleep…” & other memories of Calabash

The Challenge of Change

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Change is rarely easy. It challenges our normal basic human preference for continuity, for things to ‘remain the same’, to be predictable, to be stable. The psychology of change has been studied extensively and it is acknowledged that when change is enforced (and not desired) it is usual for people to go through ‘stages’ ranging from shock to denial to anger and eventually acceptance. Migration from one country to another … Read more »The Challenge of Change

The message is still gender equality

Highlight from the International Women's Day 2014 Breakfast discussion in Jamaica

Today, gender equality is just as relevant as it was in 1910, when International Women’s Day was first celebrated. Despite legislative and social advancements in favor of women’s rights, women and girls in countries like Jamaica, continue to face discrimination,violence, and a lack of economic opportunity. For its part, Jamaica has enacted legislation, which coupled with certain cultural shifts, aim to protect and enforce the rights of women. Incidences of inequality … Read more »The message is still gender equality