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1st August 2014

Apply now for a 2015/2016 Chevening Scholarship

One of the many things that continues to impress me about Armenia is the Armenians’ appetite for learning. Wherever I go I meet people from all walks of life whoare working tirelessly to improve their education or that of their children. That is why one of the more enjoyable aspects of my job is Chairing […]

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12th March 2014 Yerevan, Armenia

Woman who leads with kindness and quiet confidence

Within the framework of the women’s month celebrations, we wanted to underline the many roles which women play in society – but particularly the role of women as leaders.  Ambassador Kathy Leach met Lyudmila Petrova, head of the village Verin Dvin in Ararat Marz. They discussed several topics, from community issues to challenges for women leaders. The village […]

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19th April 2013 Yerevan, Armenia

The way to come to CHANGES

  Our colleagues from the British Embassy posts in Yerevan and Ankara paid visit to both countries to meet with civil society organisations, journalists and junior decision makers in Turkey and Armenia to exchange ideas and explore opportunities for future project cooperation between two countries. Following to the visits Serra Cetin Head of Projects Team […]

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15th March 2013 Yerevan, Armenia

Interview with David Dowell, good friend of Armenia

Following the earthquake in Armenia in December 1988, Mrs Thatcher – the British Prime Minister – promised to rebuild one of the schools in Gyumri.  Donations came from the British government, British business and the British people.  David Dowell ran one of the companies that agreed to help the project.  He spoke to Kathy Leach […]

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30th August 2012 Yerevan, Armenia

The 2012 Paralympics and stories that inspire…

Meeting Armenian paralympians

The 14th Summer Paralympic Games opened on 29th August in London. And they are coming of age as a global sporting competition. These will be the biggest Paralympics Games ever with 4,200 athletes representing 165 countries. Britain feels a special attachment to the Paralympics. The idea of sports for disabled people can be dated to […]

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6th August 2012 Yerevan, Armenia

All Change at Yerevan Zoo

The following is guest blog Gareth Wynn-Owen, Deputy Ambassador in Yerevan. Although I have been in Yerevan for nearly three years, I am still discovering fascinating corners of the city. Over the weekend, my wife Molly and our 16-month daughter Alicia visited the Yerevan Zoo. It was absolutely scorching as we chugged along in chaotic […]

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18th June 2012 Yerevan, Armenia

A rich relationship

This is my first blog as Ambassador and I want to share a few of my impressions about Britain and Armenia. We have a great affection for each other. I have been met in Armenia by an immense amount of goodwill simply because I am the British Ambassador. The people who I meet are knowledgeable […]

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