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Speaking can break silence, but actions can transform reality

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To commemorate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women I would like to share some information about the project ‘Never Again’. We are developing this project together with the National Union of Guatemalan Women (UNAMG) and Artistas Trabajando with the aim of preventing sexual violence in conflict. Today, we have a guest blogger, Margarita Lopez, who is coordinating the project: ‘Never Again’ is a project that seeks … Read more »Speaking can break silence, but actions can transform reality

Kicking violence into touch

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Anyone who saw the Honduran U23 national team playing in the London Olympics in 2012 will know how passionate Hondurans are about football. Especially if you were at St James Park to see the victory against Spain and heard the cheering this provoked. Well, last week we weren’t in one of the glorious stadiums of professional football, but in the alleys of Tegucigalpa playing street football. This version of the … Read more »Kicking violence into touch

Celebrating Girls for a Pink Future

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I have had a seriously colourful week. Magenta to be precise. Working with Plan International we have been painting the town pink, so to speak, by taking pink balloons to Congress and the Government’s National Palace and proudly wearing our pink t-shirts, badges and scarves.             11 of October is the International Day of the Girl child and we have been talking to politicians of … Read more »Celebrating Girls for a Pink Future

Seeing aid money from UK taxpayers in action

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On world humanitarian assistance day I had the good fortune to pick up an award as a humanitarian ambassador on behalf of all the people of the UK who contribute to the British government’s overseas development budget. In 2013, the UK met the target of contributing 0.7% of its national income in aid for the first time. Our total aid expenditure reached £11.4 billion, or 0.72% of national income. By … Read more »Seeing aid money from UK taxpayers in action

To be or not to be

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Watching Hamlet in the shadow of the ruins of Copan in Honduras or on the top of a hill above Antigua Guatemala is a wonderful, if extremely unusual, experience. It also felt good to be having a Shakespeare tour in the 450th anniversary of his birth. The local reactions to the Globe Theatre’s global 2 year tour to 205 countries have been overwhelmingly positive and have reminded me of the … Read more »To be or not to be

British Chamusca….

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To commemorate the International Youth Day I have invited Paúl Manchú, ACJ-YMCA General Secretary, to share with us the wonderful experience we had last March with 300 young people from different schools in Retalhuleu. ACJ-YMCA is an NGO founded in 1964, since then has worked with children and teenagers to help them to achieve their goals through recreational and sports activities. The Street Football Festival Goles por la Vida took … Read more »British Chamusca….

Girl Summit

When Hugo Swire, the Minister for Latin America, was here recently he talked with a lot of people about children’s rights (read more about this here). It is such a global issue we can all share our experiences and expertise in order to make improvements to the ways we support children. That is why the Girl Summit in the UK on 22 July is such an important event. The summit … Read more »Girl Summit

In the Land of Eternal Spring

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Rt Hon Hugo Swire MP visited Guatemala and has written this blog about his experiences during the visit: This is my first trip as Minister for Latin America to Guatemala, and I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to experience at first hand this important and beautiful country – the largest economy in Central America. My visit is also evidence of Britain’s commitment to developing a closer relationship … Read more »In the Land of Eternal Spring

Say no to Sexual Violence

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The use of sexual violence in war is one of the great injustices of our lifetime. It is hard to document, let alone investigate. Perpetrators do not discriminate, because it’s not about sex, but violence, terror, power and control. When rape is committed during conflict, it has often been seen as an inevitable part of war, and so it has been allowed to go unpunished. But even war has rules. … Read more »Say no to Sexual Violence

Happy new Year! – in April?

Don’t worry we haven’t changed calendars, to join up with those parts of the world that have a Spring new year. Instead because the UK’s financial year runs from April to March, it feels very much like the start of a new year in the Embassy.  So we are busily checking our plans for the year ahead and wanted to share some of that thinking. We work in pillars:  Prosperity; … Read more »Happy new Year! – in April?