The British Government has just launched an interactive map that highlights some of the possible impacts of a global temperature rise of 4 degrees Celsius.

This is an interesting approach to flag up once again why the UK Government and other countries believe we must keep global warming to 2 degrees Celsius: because beyond that our livelihoods and safety will be at risk.

The Google Earth layer features videos of British climate scientists talking about latest research on impact of climate change. The map will be updated regularly with latest findings and work to address this global challenge. Romanian eco-friendly activits have adopted a similar approach and published an interactive map of solid waste across the country, an initiative of the "Let’s do it Romania" campaign.

I like both ideas because they are visual and have a high impact, fostering a response and taking me for instance out of my comfort zone. I am more aware about my own waste production and think of ways to "scrap it" off the map! Would be interested to get your views are on this one. Do you find such projects useful and fit to purpose?

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