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Sampling another side of life in Sudan

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Over Eid, a small group of staff from the Embassy took the chance to escape Khartoum and sample life outside of the capital. Here’s their story – I hope you enjoy it: Eager to make the most of an extra few days off, we were determined to get beyond Khartoum and explore Sudan. With minimal planning but a taste for adventure, we initially set out for Port Sudan, taking in … Read more »Sampling another side of life in Sudan

Human Rights in Peace and Conflict

It’s not been a good couple of weeks for Sudan. The conviction of Meriam Ibrahim on charges of apostasy and adultery has caused outrage internationally. In Sudan everybody I’ve spoken to is thoroughly embarrassed by the case, expects it to be overturned on appeal and fervently hopes that happens sooner rather than later. They may not be representative of Sudan as a whole. But several senior Sudanese figures, including in … Read more »Human Rights in Peace and Conflict

Press Freedom Day

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Saturday was World Press Freedom Day. I marked the occasion by attending a celebration at the Omdurman University College for Press and Printing Technology. Apparently it’s the first time that an academic institution in Sudan has held such an event. It was well attended by a number of very senior, distinguished and courageous figures from the media scene in Sudan.   I was not able to follow the speeches in … Read more »Press Freedom Day

National Dialogue

‘I have been asked a number of times what is the UK position is on National Dialogue. Broadly the answer is YES to a National Dialogue, but only one that is genuine, comprehensive and inclusive.  My impression from my recent travels, talking to Sudanese from El Genina to Dongola, is that this is the view of many.’ That is why the President’s call for a National Dialogue is welcome. There … Read more »National Dialogue

Travels in the North

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I spent most of last week travelling in time and space in Northern and River Nile States. I visited a couple of archaeological sites. I was warmly hosted by the Governors and met a range of people in Dongola and Ed Damar. I visited an impressive investment project. There was some discussion of National Dialogue, although the news coming from Khartoum suggested that we have yet to see the creation … Read more »Travels in the North



Many people around the world will be celebrating International Women’s Day on 8 March. The theme this year is “inspiring change”. I have met many women from across Sudan who are doing just that: inspiring change in business, in education, in civil society or in their local communities.   There are many examples of the positive role women play in Sudanese society and public life. Afhad University for Women is … Read more »INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY – INSPIRING CHANGE

Gordon in Khartoum- Take two

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Living History General Charles Gordon is one of the totemic figures in the shared history of the UK and Sudan: the leader of the British Force in Sudan killed on the steps of what is now the Presidential Palace by the Mahdi’s army in 1885. In the last couple of weeks two descendants of General Gordon have separately been visiting Sudan. The embassy instigated the visit of one of them. … Read more »Gordon in Khartoum- Take two

Minister of Africa visit to Sudan

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Last week Mr Mark Simmonds came to stay. He is the Minister for Africa in the Foreign Office. He spent two days here meeting Government Ministers and senior Officials, representatives from several political parties, civil society and the business community. He also squeezed in time for a brief sunset boat trip on the Nile. There were two themes to the visit. One was about Sudan’s role in the region. The … Read more »Minister of Africa visit to Sudan

Human Rights Day 2013

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Today marks international Human Rights Day. This year we are celebrating 20 years of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. Around the world a number of events will celebrate the success of a collective effort to tackle human rights abuses and protection of citizens. Sudan is a signatory to many of the most important international and regional Human Rights agreements. There are many in Government who recognise … Read more »Human Rights Day 2013

Remembering the Fallen: Working to end Conflict

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Every year since the First World War came to an end in 1918 at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month, it has been a tradition on the Sunday closest to it to commemorate and remember all those lost as a result of conflict and its aftermath.   Sudan sadly is no stranger to conflict, and its terrible human costs. So on Sunday 10 November we held … Read more »Remembering the Fallen: Working to end Conflict