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2014: the UK in Sudan

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2014 was a difficult year for the people of Sudan. As in most countries the principal concerns were probably jobs, standard of living and education. Sudan has had to deal with high inflation and the deteriorating business climate, with the knock-on effect on employment. Conflict continued, leading to deaths, displacements, human rights violations and damage to livelihoods. There were some 450,000 new internally displaced people during 2014. Moreover Sudan had … Read more »2014: the UK in Sudan

Human rights are universal, even in Sudan

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Today marks the 56th anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Activities around the world remind us of the universality of human rights – the basic, fundamental rights every person is entitled to without discrimination. It is an opportunity to celebrate progress, thank those who work to protect the most vulnerable, and to assess areas of concern. In Sudan this includes a wide range of individuals. … Read more »Human rights are universal, even in Sudan

Every girl is born “Saleema”. Let every girl grow “Saleema”

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A few days ago I went to an inspirational event. It was the launch of the Saleema Regional Forum. Saleema (which means intact, whole, as created by God) is the Sudanese campaign to end Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). The event was packed with committed, energetic women. Prominent among them were Dr Samira Amin Ahmed, who is the “mother” of the Saleema model of social change and Mrs Amal Mahmoud, Secretary … Read more »Every girl is born “Saleema”. Let every girl grow “Saleema”

Pockets of Hope

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I recently met Peter Hullah and his colleagues who lead the “Women’s Education Partnership” a small British NGO working in Sudan to support women’s literacy. They are doing great work and we are delighted to be able to give them some modest help. Here is their story. “Listen to the disadvantaged and displaced women and do what they tell you”. The founder of Women’s Education Partnership (formerly Together for Sudan) … Read more »Pockets of Hope

Blog Action Day 2014: Inequality

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The theme of Blog Action Day this year is inequality. Inequality can take many forms. One of the most basic is economic inequality. This is a topical issue at the moment. The publication of Thomas Piketty’s “Capital in the twenty-first century” prompted a wide-ranging debate around his central argument that inequality has increased over the last two decades in the developed world due to the inherent nature of advanced capitalism. … Read more »Blog Action Day 2014: Inequality

DFID Sudan: Trips to the frontline

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(Guest blog by colleagues from DFID Sudan) The UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) supports programmes which deliver life-saving humanitarian assistance and improve access to basic services for some of Sudan’s most vulnerable people. It also aims to help lay the foundations for a more democratic, peaceful and prosperous future. Visiting the field is essential for DFID to monitor how our programmes are progressing and to ensure that UK-provided funds … Read more »DFID Sudan: Trips to the frontline

Mashrouy is a winner with young Sudanese!

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Last year one of the British Embasssy’s most successful and high profile projects was Mashrouy: the TV programme to help identify and support young Sudanese entrepreneurs. It has been described as a cross between the hit BBC shows “Dragon’s Den” and “The Apprentice”. There was huge interest from Sudanese business people, some great ideas for new business proposals, some wonderful contestants and a huge following on TV for the presentations … Read more »Mashrouy is a winner with young Sudanese!


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Darfur continues to be a major focus for the work of this embassy. We believe strongly that there is no military solution. The fighting has to stop. All parties need to engage in discussion to agree a long-term political settlement. The Doha Document for Peace in Darfur provides a blueprint. But several rebel factions have not signed up, and implementation remains painfully slow. National Dialogue should, as the President made … Read more »Darfur

Teatime in Sudan

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A few days ago I visited a Sudanese tea company. Not any Sudanese tea company, actually. But arguably THE Sudanese tea company: Cofftea. They produced most of the well known brands here (not least Algazaltain) and account for the Majority of the Market Like a number of other Sudanese companies I have visited they are an impressive outfit. They have recently moved to modern purpose-built premises in Khartoum North. They … Read more »Teatime in Sudan

Sampling another side of life in Sudan

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Over Eid, a small group of staff from the Embassy took the chance to escape Khartoum and sample life outside of the capital. Here’s their story – I hope you enjoy it: Eager to make the most of an extra few days off, we were determined to get beyond Khartoum and explore Sudan. With minimal planning but a taste for adventure, we initially set out for Port Sudan, taking in … Read more »Sampling another side of life in Sudan