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Youth is Wasted on the Young

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The bloom of youth seems to offer everything: good health, endless reserves of energy and an unquestionable thirst for knowledge. Yet young people today face enormous challenges. Over 75 million young people are unemployed worldwide. The fact is that the world has become a much more competitive place. Studying for a good education, finding a job, starting a family are all becoming tougher. Older people like to say: “If I’d … Read more »Youth is Wasted on the Young

Guest Blog: “Winning the bet” by Lt. Enas Salem Sheyyab

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I am happy to host a blog written by Lt. Enas Salem Sheyyab who is a Lieutenant in the Jordanian Armed Forces currently undergoing initial officer training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in UK.   Women are slowly creeping into combat positions across the Jordanian military and that has encouraged me after I got my bachelors degree in human nutrition and dietetics to join the armed forces as a … Read more »Guest Blog: “Winning the bet” by Lt. Enas Salem Sheyyab

Ukraine: Mysteries and Myths

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Winston Churchill once described Russia as “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”. That quip probably reflected his frustration from dealing with Stalin 70 years ago. There are no mysteries about Russia’s bullying behaviour of Ukraine in recent weeks. But there are plenty of myths. For example, the Russians claim that their annexation of Crimea is in line with international law. Yet their action is directly contrary to … Read more »Ukraine: Mysteries and Myths

Learning to Drive

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Last week there was a nasty accident outside our house. We heard a loud bang and looked out to see two cars with severe damage and a driver slumped over the steering wheel. Fortunately no-one was killed, but both drivers were lucky to escape with their lives. The first person killed in a car accident was in London. In 1896 a woman was hit by a car travelling at less … Read more »Learning to Drive

Guest Blog: “Number Two” by Abeer Qumsieh

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I am happy to host a blog written by Mrs. Abeer Qumsieh who is a Human Developer from Better Business Jordan, and who works closely with our UKTI Jordan team. Should I accept the fact that my community encapsulated me or should I accept the fact that I am a woman. I wake up every morning with limitations surrounding me from head to toe. I juggle between my roles, am … Read more »Guest Blog: “Number Two” by Abeer Qumsieh

The Worst Form of Government

Winston Churchill once said that: “democracy is the worst form of government – except for all the others that have been tried.” His cynicism was perhaps justified after the British people voted him out from his position as Prime Minister within months of winning the Second World War. Whether it is the worst form of government or not, there is little doubt that the alternatives are worse. Suppressing people’s views … Read more »The Worst Form of Government

The Wrong Mansaf

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Jordanians are proud of their national dish. And rightly so: this tasty dish of rice, lamb and jameed (a kind of yoghurt) is a symbol of Jordanian tradition and an essential part of major occasions. Mansaf is also a regular part of the visits that diplomats make to parts of the country. And of course, we have to eat it by hand, not with a spoon and fork. So I … Read more »The Wrong Mansaf

Geneva II: What Next?

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“If we don’t die from bombardment or snipers we will die of hunger or cold.” So said a young man in Homs to the BBC last week. Over 2,000 Syrians have been holed up in the centre of Homs for 600 days. Using “starve or surrender” tactics, the Syrian regime is preventing food, water and medicine from reaching the city’s citizens. The people have resorted to trying to eat grass … Read more »Geneva II: What Next?

Cleaning up the Country

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Cleanliness is close to Godliness. Godliness is probably little more than a distant aspiration for most of us. But cleanliness is easy, on a personal level and in our communities. Keeping our neighbourhoods clean is good for everyone. It is good for our souls because it increases our feeling of dignity. It is good for our bodies because dirt is a threat to our health. And it is good for … Read more »Cleaning up the Country

Jordan on the Security Council

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The New Year saw the usual spate of cartoons about the departure of the old year and the arrival of 2014. For Jordan, the New Year brought the start of the country’s two-year stint on the United Nations Security Council. This role brings major new responsibilities. But what does it mean in practice? What can Jordanians expect to see as their country grapples with the biggest security issues the modern … Read more »Jordan on the Security Council