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Making trade personal

May is World Trade Month: a time to recognize the benefits of international trade and its impact on our everyday lives. That got me thinking about my own personal history and how it has been shaped and moulded by international trade. My grandfather first came to Pennsylvania from England as a child refugee of WWII. At the height of the Blitz, and amid fears of an imminent German invasion, he … Read more »Making trade personal

Women boost the world economy

At the end of March I joined other members of the British Embassy in American University’s Race to Representation, a 5k run organised by the Women and Politics Institute in Washington. The annual race (now in its third year) helps raise awareness of the gender gap in political leadership in the US, while the mission of the Institute is to provide young women with academic and practical training that encourages … Read more »Women boost the world economy

Come Together, Right Now, Over to Liverpool!

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When I was growing up, I remember hearing stories about the mass pilgrimages that people made to Liverpool in the hopes of hearing the Beatles play live. Although Beatlemania has just celebrated its 50 year anniversary, (is there now One Direction mania?), Liverpool still attracts millions of tourists who want to experience the city’s multiple cultural offerings, and is consistently one of the top five UK destinations for overseas tourists. … Read more »Come Together, Right Now, Over to Liverpool!


There: I thought that would draw you in. What does it have to do with the UK economy though? Well, last week, the UK Chancellor presented the Government’s 2014 Budget. The annual Budget report and statement in Parliament offers an opportunity to take stock of the economic outlook and public finances, while making some policy announcements. The Office of Budget Responsibility (OBR) – the UK’s independent fiscal watchdog – upgraded its … Read more »Beer!

A Hidden British Gem in DC

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The popularity of Doctor Who in the US is no more evident to me than when I hear people ask if we can get our hands on a Tardis to help them travel to the UK. I recently found out that there is actually a Tardis (of sorts) in Georgetown in the form of a small shop called Sterling & Burke. I had noticed the British flags outside but it … Read more »A Hidden British Gem in DC

UK Rolls Out Red Carpet for Film And TV

British films up for Oscars this weekend showcase the UK as a GREAT home for creative industries! One of the many benefits of being a Brit in Washington has to be the ability to watch the many big TV events – which America does so well – at a reasonable hour. While staying up all night in the UK to watch US Presidential debates, the Super Bowl or the Oscars … Read more »UK Rolls Out Red Carpet for Film And TV

23 years of the UK economy in approximately 650 words (and the next 23 years in just 30)

“Is it just me or has everything shrunk?” That was the principal thought running through my head on January 15th as I walked into my old high school – the Inverness Royal Academy – for the first time in 23 years. The Head of the Economics Department there, Ian Stewart, was the first person to ever introduce me to economics at the end of the 1980s. All things considered, I … Read more »23 years of the UK economy in approximately 650 words (and the next 23 years in just 30)

UK Autumn Statement

Tomorrow, the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer will deliver the UK government’s Autumn Statement. We’re often asked what the Autumn Statement is and how it differs to the Budget? The Budget (usually held in the early Spring) comes at the start of the UK’s fiscal year, which runs from April to March. Budgets set the overall shape of fiscal policy, perhaps for several years to come as we saw in … Read more »UK Autumn Statement

Following Suit: TTIP and the Fashion Industry

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Last month, Ambassador and Lady Westmacott hosted a reception to celebrate the Bloomingdales GREAT British Invasion Campaign. The Campaign is a line of menswear designed to honour the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ appearance on the Ed Sullivan show, as well as a ‘Best of Britain’ menswear line featuring 40 high-end and traditional British designers that created one-off pieces to celebrate the influence that British fashion has had on the … Read more »Following Suit: TTIP and the Fashion Industry

WTO: Bali and beyond

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I had the fortune to spend summer on the beautiful shores of Lake Geneva representing the UK at the World Trade Organization (WTO), a 159 country organisation that governs international economic relations. It was a welcome respite from the heat and humidity of DC during the summer – several weeks soaking up the fresh mountain air and swimming in the cool glacial waters of Lac Léman (as French speakers call … Read more »WTO: Bali and beyond