We welcome Pope Francis

His Holiness Pope Francis. Photo: Intermirifica.net©

It is the dream of every Ambassador to the Holy See to be in post for a Conclave. No one with a sense of history or occasion can possibly be disappointed by the event. There can be no election in the world that is held under conditions of such intense media scrutiny, and yet also in great secrecy amongst such a particular electorate.

The news of the first ever Pope from the Americas has delighted the world. It sends a strong message about the universality of the Roman Catholic Church, and the Holy See. The Prime Minister has welcomed the election on behalf of Her Majesty’s Government.

Pope Francis is known for his personal concern for social justice. His choice of name, recalling St Francis of Assisi, points to this being at the top of his preoccupations, as does his record as Cardinal Archbishop of Buenos Aires. Ensuring the right conditions to improve the lives of the poor, the marginalised and the outcast is one of international development priorities for the British government, and for our G8 Presidency underway.

Congratulations Your Holiness, from the British Embassy to the Holy See! The United Kingdom looks forward to working closely with Pope Francis and the global HolySee network in the months and years ahead.

5 Responses

  1. Billy Pips says:

    Isn’t it St Francis Xavier, missionary to Asia and co-founder of the Jesuits?

    • Nigel Baker says:

      We understand from the Holy See that St Francis of Assisi was first in mind. But of course you are right; as a good Jesuit, the Pope will also have been thinking of St Francis Xavier. Indeed the combination of inspiration – the friar of social justice with the evangelising missionary to the wider world – is extremely potent

  2. lucio says:

    Dear Ambassador,

    yes…… it is very special feeling play as direct witness of such historical event, as we met before in a Caribbean island ( as colleague) I know you had the great opportunity of experiencing a unique moment of diplomatic carrier.
    We hope a path of light and hope for H.H. Pope Francis.

    my best regards

  3. Franc says:

    For the Pope istallation,so many people,kings,leaders and presidents are cominy to Rome that for security reasons the italian police closed all the area around the Vatican!

  4. Simon says:

    I hope His Holiness (as an Argentinian) will be able to pour some oil on the troubled waters between the UK and Argentina regarding the Falklands!