As some of you may already know (through being there and chatting, or by following our twitter feeds) several Science and Innovation Officers from the UKinCanada Science and Innovation Network were attending the Canadian Science Policy Conference (CSPC) last week in Montreal.  It was an excellent event, for which the organization committee should be commended, featuring several high profile speakers.  The event was kicked off with several excellent workshops on the Wednesday, followed by 2 days of science policy discussions. I will be writing a more detailed discussion of my take on the event, but more importantly I will first present you with our inaugural video blog where Louise Shaxson of Delta Partnership, who we helped to bring over to present at the Knowledge Translation and Knowledge Brokering workshop, as well as the conference itself, will be giving you her take on the event by video (Embedded below).

Before we get to that Louise asked me to be sure to extend her thanks to the following people who were involved in bringing her to Canada to participate in this conference (she mentions us (the British High Commission in Ottawa)  in the video, but in effort to keep it short, we though we’d add in a few more text additions as well).

 (in Louise’s words)

·         First, Alex Bielak (@AlexBielak) of the United Nations University who conceived of the knowledge translation and brokering workshop, has worked over the past year or so to bring together a group of committed professionals to see it through, and who expertly moderated it

·         Second, Jaime Dawson from the S&T Liaison branch of Environment Canada who pulled it all together in its final stages; and the organising committee of Bernadette Conant & Katrina Goreham from the Canadian Water Network, Kristin May from Environment Canada, Elin Gwyn from OMAFRA and Evelyn Allen from the University of Guelph

·         Finally, Mehrdad Hariri for inviting me to speak on a panel with such an august list of ADMs. 

Without further ado, here’s Louise on her experience at the KTKB2010 workshop as well as CSPC 2010: 

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