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Golden Opportunities or Last Chance Saloon? The OECD & Development in 2015

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This week a colleague said something that really resonated with me: “We are the first generation in history that could end extreme poverty, and the last generation that still has time to avert extreme climate change”.               No pressure then. It’s certainly both an exciting and sobering prospect. We live in an era of such great promise while also facing possible irreversible disaster. We … Read more »Golden Opportunities or Last Chance Saloon? The OECD & Development in 2015

What’s next at the OECD? Exploring New Horizons

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It’s the seventeenth anniversary of my first visit to the OECD. Back in September 1997 I accompanied my Treasury colleague Tom Scholar (now our Prime Minister’s G8 and G20 Sherpa) to Japan’s Economic Survey meeting, as I was about to take up my first diplomatic posting in Tokyo.                 It was one of the best days of training of my life. I’m still … Read more »What’s next at the OECD? Exploring New Horizons

2014 at the OECD

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Given the challenges for the global economy and a desperate need to create jobs and shared prosperity, the pressure on the OECD to deliver Better Policies for Better Lives will be as intense as ever in 2014. A key framework for our efforts this year is the ‘New Approaches to Economic Challenges’ project, about which I’ve blogged before. NAEC is intended to refresh OECD members’ economic approaches, recognising the limitations of … Read more »2014 at the OECD

Climate Change: The Road to Paris 2015

Climate Change

In November the next UN Conference of Parties on climate change (COP19) will meet in Warsaw. There is an enormous amount of work to do in Poland and subsequently if we are going to get a global, legally binding agreement on carbon emissions that we committed to achieve at COP21 in Paris in 2015. In particular we need to set the political parameters around which a deal can be built. … Read more »Climate Change: The Road to Paris 2015

Human Capital 1.0

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We are hearing more and more about ‘human capital’ at the OECD. This is good news. It may sound counter-intuitive. Human and Capital. Man and Machine. Opposites surely, or at least complements, unless you’re in some sort of modernist fantasy? But the phrase, while not the most literary, does make sense. In the same way as tools, machines or other forms of tangible capital allow us to work and produce … Read more »Human Capital 1.0

A T-TIPping Point?

Verazano Narrows

Among the outcomes of last week’s G8 in Lough Erne, the formal launching of negotiations on an EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (or ‘T-TIP’) may prove to be one of the most historic. With the promise of new jobs and lower prices, it has the potential to make a real and positive impact for citizens. As my colleague Martin Harris notes, the US invests three times more in the … Read more »A T-TIPping Point?

OECD at the G8 table

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I wanted to sincerely thank everyone at the OECD who helped the UK host a successful G8 Summit. The setting was Northern Ireland’s beautiful Lough Erne, where on the eve of the Summit the British Prime Minister refreshed himself with a bracing swim, avoiding the nibbles of the pike that a certain recently-retired OECD Director used to fish for half a century ago. Since the global financial crisis in 2008 … Read more »OECD at the G8 table

The OECD, the G8 and the 3Ts (Tax, Trade & Transparency)


The upcoming UK-hosted G8 summit at Lough Erne in Northern Ireland is an opportunity for the UK to lead a global debate on Trade, Tax and Transparency – the “3Ts” – showing how progress on these areas is essential for prosperity in all countries. The OECD has made an invaluable contribution to this effort – I’ve made a short video where you can find out more. Tax Tax avoidance and evasion … Read more »The OECD, the G8 and the 3Ts (Tax, Trade & Transparency)

An introduction to the UK and the OECD

My first video blog gives an insight into what the OECD does and the role of the UK Delegation. Have a look to find out a bit more about our top priorities as a Delegation, and how we’re working with the OECD.   The UK and the OECD – an introduction Transcript of video blog I’m Nick Bridge, the British Ambassador to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), based … Read more »An introduction to the UK and the OECD

Doing What Works – the Data Revolution

Evidence Based Policies

This month in the UK we launched the ‘What Works’ Network – new centres of evidence to help ensure better decisions across £200 billion of public service spending. It’s the first time a government has set up such a model. The video launch at NESTA is well worth a look. The Network consists of two existing centres of excellence – the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) and the … Read more »Doing What Works – the Data Revolution