My recent (cheeringly popular) blog ‘Why is everyone investing in the UK? why aren’t you?’ noted the brilliance of Britain as a top destination for European HQs for businesses from Turkey and elsewhere.

One recent example of this is the recent decision by the Turkish Group Florence Nightingale to set up its European HQs in London, in the famous medical district of Harley Street.

Group Florence Nightingale has three general hospitals, a medical centre, a teaching hospital and a clinical research centre, making it one of the largest private hospital groups in Turkey.  By establishing its European HQ in London it hopes more swiftly to be able to access wider European markets.  It is also keen to start knowledge partnerships with UK universities and has already established relationships with King’s College School of Nursing and Midwifery to help train Turkish nurses and midwives.

Why is everyone investing in the UK?  Why aren’t you?

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