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How ‘smart’ do you think the UK is?

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Guest blog by Kriszti Kocsis, Senior Policy Officer (Energy, Climate and Environment) at the British Embassy.    Much more than most know. So I was glad to be able to publicise the UK’s smart credentials recently. But what are the smart grid and smart cities?   Smart grids are the electricity transmission network enabled by digital technology for two-way communication between the utility and its customers, and the sensing along the transmission lines. … Read more »How ‘smart’ do you think the UK is?

Out of Office

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We had our annual Away Day last week.  It’s a day for staying out of your office and meeting with the whole Embassy team to chat about how to improve what we do (and how we do it) in the following year.  And then to have some fun relaxing together. This year we had  really good morning sessions on how to build on the impact we have here in Hungary … Read more »Out of Office

Elections again – this time it is about Europe

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Guest blog by Zsolt Maróti, Senior Domestic Policy Officer at the British Embassy in Budapest.   The first EP elections were held in 1979 with the participation of nine member states. This time between 22 and 25 May some 400 million Europeans from 28 countries are eligible to cast their votes and elect a new European Parliament. In the United Kingdom the EP elections took place on 22 May. And … Read more »Elections again – this time it is about Europe

The Last Train to Budapest: a movie about Britain and Hungary in 1956

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Guest blog by Richard Pekár, author of the book The Last Train to Budapest, relating the story of his father, who took part in the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, escaping to the UK in 1957. In order for the book to be turned into a movie, the filmmakers are now looking for sponsors, whose contributions would help bring the story to life.   In two years’ time we are celebrating the … Read more »The Last Train to Budapest: a movie about Britain and Hungary in 1956

“All the world’s a stage…”

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Guest blog by Simon Ingram-Hill, Director of the British Council in Hungary.   Yesterday we celebrated St George’s day in the UK. To celebrate, I was invited to a small Byzantine church surrounded by olive groves by my Greek friend Georgios – and afterwards to eat sweets and almonds. On April 23rd we celebrate St George as patron saint of England, but he is also celebrated in a number of … Read more »“All the world’s a stage…”

Hungary goes to the polls

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The Hungarian elections have dominated our work-life over the last days and weeks.  Before the elections we were visiting the parties and their candidates, talking about their plans and strategies.  I went to a series of pre-election rallies round the country to feel the flavour of the campaign.  Rallies organised by a range of parties, from stadium-fillers to meetings in village halls.  The issues varied from international relations to complaints … Read more »Hungary goes to the polls

Gadgets, Drones, Opportunities

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Guest blog by Dr. Péter Stauber, Hungarian Ministry of Interior’s Head of EU Cooperation Department, on his visit to the Security and Policing Conference in Farnborough, at the end of March 2014.   It was an idea from the British Embassy, which generated support among the leadership of my organization, namely the Ministry of Interior of Hungary. By a letter of H. E. Ambassador Knott in January, the opportunity was … Read more »Gadgets, Drones, Opportunities

Partners Tournament at Vác FC featuring GB United

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Guest Blog by John P. Marshall, Chairman of Vác FC – Founder at Aspire Group   Last Saturday, 29th March 2014, we witnessed GB United take to the field for a second time. Although on this occasion, taking part in an 8-team amateur tournament, held at Vác FC stadium for the inauguration of our brand new 4G AstroTurf pitch in association with the new official charity partner of Vác FC … Read more »Partners Tournament at Vác FC featuring GB United

IV. Human Rights Movie Day

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Guest blog by Marcell Lőrincz, Chairman of Subjective Values Foundation (Szubjektív Értékek Alapítvány) Every March since 2011 the British Embassy has been organizing a very important event called the “Human Rights Movie Day”. This time our NGO, the Subjective Values Foundation, was asked to help in the implementation – so we did our best. As we were cooperating so much in the “Music Against Racism” campaign before, it was obvious that … Read more »IV. Human Rights Movie Day

The GREAT Mega Mission in Budapest

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We brought the biggest business delegation to the region in living memory last week. Led by the Trade and Investment minister, Lord Livingston.  A total of some 65 British companies came to the region, 40 of which came on the Budapest leg. It took an immense amount of preparation by the team here (and by the teams in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia where the mission also touched down). And … Read more »The GREAT Mega Mission in Budapest