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Ethiopia’s First Female DPM

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‘Women in Leadership’ is not a new concept in Ethiopia. From Queen Eleni, the wife of the Ethiopian Medieval King ZeraYaqob, to Empress Taitu, this country has had its share of iron ladies. So may I congratulate Her Excellency W/ro Aster Mamo, just appointed Deputy Prime Minister #DPM for Good Governance and Reform and Minister of the Civil Service. It is good that the Ethiopian Government, which is not alone … Read more »Ethiopia’s First Female DPM

Remember, Unite, Renew

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I am writing this in Mandela Hall of the African Union in Addis Ababa, where Ministers, Ambassadors, Religious Leaders, Senior Officials and Civil Society are gathered to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Rwanda Genocide. “Kwibuka” (“to remember” in Kinyarwanda) is a global programme underway since January to ensure that the deaths of over a million Rwandans in 1994 are not forgotten. The theme for this year’s Commemoration is “Remember, … Read more »Remember, Unite, Renew

Clearing a Path for Development

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Each year on 4 April we observe the United Nations’ International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance. This day aims to raise awareness of the threat caused by landmines to the safety, health and lives of civilian populations, and encourages Governments to develop mine clearance programmes. This global problem has an acute local dimension. Ethiopia is one of the world’s 10 most heavily mined countries – a legacy of the successive conflicts … Read more »Clearing a Path for Development

Humanitarian crisis

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Since mid-December, over 70,000 refugees from South Sudan have fled the violence there into the Gambella Region of Ethiopia, seeking to escape insecurity and a lack of food. The numbers are growing all the time. The UK Government is extremely concerned about this situation. This week I visited a new camp for refugees (currently known as Tierkidi) and the border at Pagak, so see what was happening. It was alarming … Read more »Humanitarian crisis

How not to hold a referendum

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The Crimean referendum of 16 March falls far below recognised international standards. To begin with, it is unconstitutional. Ukraine’s constitution clearly states that the status of any part of the country’s territory can only be changed as the result of a nationwide referendum. No one objected to the idea of a referendum as such. And what about freedom of choice? A referendum carried out under military occupation hardly allows for … Read more »How not to hold a referendum

Time to Act

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International Women’s Day has been observed in different forms since in the early 1900′s. But in recent years it has gone from strength to strength and become a much more genuinely global and shared event. With such a history, we should expect to see more progress on women’s issues. But women are still not paid equally to their male counterparts; they are still are not present in equal numbers in … Read more »Time to Act

Let’s End the Illegal Wildlife Trade

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On 13 February the UK hosted governments from across all five Continents to galvanise international action on the illegal wildlife trade – The London Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade. Our focus was to improve law enforcement to catch and punish those responsible; support the development of sustainable livelihoods in areas affected by wildlife crime; and reduce demand for wildlife products, because demand for these products is what drives the trade. … Read more »Let’s End the Illegal Wildlife Trade

Towards a Conflict Free Africa

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This year agriculture is the main theme of the 22nd Assembly of Heads of State and Government at the African Union (AU) – the AU Summit, which is taking place this week. But African leaders are also deliberating on the peace and security of the continent. Country situations at the top of the agenda are South Sudan, the Central African Republic and Somalia. The Summit takes place against the backdrop … Read more »Towards a Conflict Free Africa

Tourism in Ethiopia – One Park, Many Worlds

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  I spent last weekend in the Bale Mountains National Park, in a top quality lodge newly opened by a British entrepreneur (one of two such lodges in the country). The Park itself is stunningly beautiful and full of rare and endemic species of flora and fauna, including the endangered Ethiopian Wolf (of which we saw several) – Oxford University among others is working hard to save the wolf and … Read more »Tourism in Ethiopia – One Park, Many Worlds

British Investment in Ethiopia

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The development of Ethiopia’s private sector is still at an early stage, following the ravages inflicted  by the former communist regime. Gradually foreign direct investment (FDI) is helping to make up the gap which has been created  in the economy,  while the local private sector strengthens and matures over the age. The Government of Ethiopia (GoE) has committed tremendous resources to assist this process,  for instance by establishing dedicated investment … Read more »British Investment in Ethiopia