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27th April 2016 London, UK

Lorey Campese

by Lorey Campese

Head of Digital, UK Mission to the United Nations in New York

Opening a window in the smoke-filled room: Twitter and the #nextSG


Six years ago to the day, I signed into Twitter for the first time. At the time I was studying for exams and though I had a budding interest in the United Nations (UN), the concept of diplomacy was frankly pretty alien. Little did I know, about a half decade later, I would sit at […]

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26th April 2016 London, UK

Phil Buckley

by Phil Buckley

Digital Transformation Manager

Emergency travel documents online: getting people home the complicated way

This is actually a bit harder than I realised

Last year I wrote a number of ‘Photo casebooks’ talking about what an emergency travel document is, and our plans to digitise the application process for an emergency travel document. The project is still invitation only, but has now been rolled out worldwide; and at least until our legalisation online project goes live, it is […]

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15th March 2016 London, UK

Samantha Luchmun and Steven Linzell

Regional Web Publishing Officer and Digital Communications Officer, Madrid

Lights, Video, Action: engaging audiences with visual content


Use of video is increasing across the network of British Embassies and High Commissions around the world – and with good reason. Video can be an effective way of communicating difficult, technical messages. It is more engaging than just publishing a text update. It gives you the chance to use more than 140 characters in […]

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26th February 2016 London, England

Greg Dorey

by Greg Dorey


Nation Shall Tweet Tweets Unto Nation….


It is pretty rare these days for a British Ambassador or equivalent not to engage in social media – something that sets us apart from the vast majority of other countries’ emissaries (with notable exceptions). But at a time when diplomacy has progressively less to do with government to government (G2G) interaction and more to […]

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17th February 2016 London, UK

Rachel Heatherly

Head of Global Digital Network

The GREAT campaign: from theory to digital reality

technology is great

What’s so great about GREAT? The GREAT campaign was launched in 2012 to make the most of the global interest in the UK as a result of the London Olympic Games.  It was designed to showcase the very best of what Britain has to offer, welcoming the world to visit us, study with us, and […]

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11th February 2016 London, UK

Tony Worron

Desk Officer for Geographical Information Policy

Spreading the word (and data) on country names


We’ve been working with the Government Digital Service (GDS) on a project to develop a “Country Register” which will be a dataset of UK approved geographical names for countries and territories. This work is the first stage of a project to create a range of Registers which will be a key part of the UK’s […]

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21st January 2016 London, UK

Steven Linzell

by Steven Linzell

Digital Communications Officer, Madrid

Building (digital) platforms for discussion – something we should do more of in 2016

Ambassador Ruariri O’Connell open to all questions

Digital and diplomacy: it hasn’t always been easy to put the two together. Over time our use of digital has matured, become more sophisticated and, we hope, more effective. Seeing the online activity from around the network, one thing has stood out above all else – the ability to engage, and, through that, the opportunity […]

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18th December 2015 London, UK

Alison Daniels

by Alison Daniels

Digital Transformation Leader at UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Digital diplomacy in 2015


At the start of 2015 the Digital Transformation Unit set itself an ambitious to do list. After the euphoria of celebrating our first anniversary, the year has been defined by hard graft as we’ve worked with colleagues across the FCO to begin work on how to deliver digital services to British people across the world […]

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