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28th July 2015 London, UK

by Elena Mercadante

Blogs Editor

Updated FCO blogsite – behind the scenes


Regular readers of this blog will notice that the site has a refreshingly different look about it. Having identified the need to update and simplify the current site, we have been working behind the scenes to create a template for a streamlined blog which would be more user-friendly for both bloggers and administrators, and most […]

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6th July 2015 London, UK

Alison Daniels

by Alison Daniels

Digital Transformation Leader at UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Come and join our digital team

The FCO has a well established reputation for its digital work. At the heart of driving change is the Digital Transformation Unit, a talented team made up of diplomats and digital specialists working on digital solutions crucial to the UK – tackling conflict, increasing prosperity and helping Brits in trouble overseas. Here’s what’s coming up:- […]

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23rd June 2015 London, UK

Transparency in Romania


This is a guest post by Felicia Alexandru from BE Bucharest. As part of our work across the FCO network to mark International Open Data Day the British Embassy in Bucharest joined the Romanian Prime Minister’s Office and the Civil Society Coalition along with the  US and Dutch Embassies to talk about transparency in Romania. […]

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23rd June 2015 London, UK

Digital evaluation: crunching the numbers with Ripjar


Last month FCO Posts in Europe created over ten thousand pieces of digital content, including tweets, Facebook posts, blogs, photos, infographics, videos and audio clips. But how do you evaluate the effectiveness of all this output? Part of a Digital Hub’s role is to help Posts in the region figure this out so that lessons […]

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22nd June 2015 London, UK

Open Data Romania : British Embassy Hackathon


The British Embassy was delighted to support an open data hackathon organised in Bucharest on 21-22 February. The event was organised by the Coalition for Open Data and the Romanian Government, in partnership with the British Embassy, the US Embassy and the Dutch Embassy. It followed a successful conference organised on Friday 20 February, where […]

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13th May 2015 London, UK

Towards A More Transparent Brazil

Sao Paulo flags

All eyes have been on Brazil for last couple of years for many reasons: the World Cup in 2014, the Olympics in Rio in 2016 and other big events which put Brazil in the world news. The country is earning also attention internationally for its high growth rate and exciting business opportunities. As Brazil develops, it becomes […]

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16th February 2015 London, UK

Consular appointments – the challenges and lessons learnt

Lessons in configuring a service, running pilots and handling diversity in skills As we’ve developed our new consular appointment booking service we’ve encountered several challenges along the way, not least getting into the embassy in Madrid, and learnt many lessons which we can apply to future transformation work on legalisation and emergency travel documents. Parents […]

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4th February 2015 London, UK

Testing consular appointment booking in Madrid

What we learnt about our appointments service during a visit to Madrid As the consular appointments alpha phase drew to a close, a visit to the Embassy in Madrid was a good opportunity for some face-to-face user testing, as well as a timely reminder of local conditions. First of all, the Google map pin for […]

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30th January 2015 London, UK

Consular appointments – our approach to development and training

How the appointments service was developed, the teams involved, and the first training iteration While developing our consular appointments service through alpha to beta, we’ve worked closely with our partner BookingBug to customise their Software-as-a-Service offering to our needs – both user needs and organisational needs. As the development was not in-house good communication was […]

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26th January 2015 London, UK

Consular appointments – from alpha to beta

The pilot programme for our consular appointments booking service has been running as a public beta for a few weeks now, so it’s time to take stock of progress. Since my last post on the discovery phase for consular appointments, we have focused on building and iterating the product, training staff on how to manage […]

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