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25th August 2016 London, UK

Phil Buckley

by Phil Buckley

Digital Transformation Manager

Configuring the emergency travel documents web application

¡Viva las aplicaciones basada en los datos!

A while ago, I blogged about the vast levels of complexity we faced digitising the application process for Emergency travel documents. Today I’d like to look at a little more detail at one of our responses to that: building a data-driven application and how we control what is displayed. In my earlier blog, I talked […]

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20th June 2016 London, UK

Tara Finn

First World War Centenary Commemorations Team

Launching the digital archive


We have launched a remarkable collection of stories from the First World War. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office is remembering the stories of 175 men from 11 countries who were awarded Britain’s highest award for bravery, the Victoria Cross. They represent a significant number of the 600 Victoria Crosses awarded during the First World War […]

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9th June 2016 London, UK

Steven Hardy

by Steven Hardy

Social Media Manager

Promoting Human Rights

Twitter Card

As the Foreign Office’s Social Media Manager I spend much of my time distilling the intentionally nuanced and traditionally multilayered world of diplomacy into something engaging and consumable. Case in point: The Foreign Office’s (FCO) annual flagship Human Rights and Democracy Report comprises around 50 pages of expert analysis of the issues the world and […]

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26th May 2016 London, UK

Ewan Gillespie

Regional Digital Trainer (Regional Digital Unit, Europe)

Remote Training: Is there anybody out there?

The good old days, teaching face-to-face (that’s me in the white t-shirt…)

I´ve been Europe’s Regional Digital Training Officer for six months, training over the phone and on a shared desktop (where bandwidth allows). Previously, I worked as a teacher in a high school, so remote training is almost completely new to me. I’ve discovered that in many ways it is more difficult than attempting to control […]

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20th May 2016 London, UK

Liz Hitchcock

Digital Training and Upskilling Manager

Digital training and capability at FCO: a new strategic approach

Toddler shoes at the ready

Digital training at the FCO has reached toddler-hood. Claire Collins blogged in November about its one year birthday and now, just like a toddler, it’s good at attracting attention and charming all who meet it! FCO staff who’ve taken up the Digital Transformation Unit (DTU) global training offer have been overwhelmingly positive about the quality […]

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10th May 2016 London, UK

Stacey Cartwright

Digital Transformation Manager

Email Triage: helping customers find what they need on GOV.UK

email triage

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s consular service supports British people around the world when they are most in need of our help. Consulates, embassies and high commissions publish their contact email addresses in the contact section of their pages. I hear that sharp intake of breath. How generous of them when most others hide behind […]

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27th April 2016 London, UK

Lorey Campese

by Lorey Campese

Head of Digital, UK Mission to the United Nations in New York

Opening a window in the smoke-filled room: Twitter and the #nextSG


Six years ago to the day, I signed into Twitter for the first time. At the time I was studying for exams and though I had a budding interest in the United Nations (UN), the concept of diplomacy was frankly pretty alien. Little did I know, about a half decade later, I would sit at […]

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26th April 2016 London, UK

Phil Buckley

by Phil Buckley

Digital Transformation Manager

Emergency travel documents online: getting people home the complicated way

This is actually a bit harder than I realised

Last year I wrote a number of ‘Photo casebooks’ talking about what an emergency travel document is, and our plans to digitise the application process for an emergency travel document. The project is still invitation only, but has now been rolled out worldwide; and at least until our legalisation online project goes live, it is […]

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15th March 2016 London, UK

Samantha Luchmun and Steven Linzell

Regional Web Publishing Officer and Digital Communications Officer, Madrid

Lights, Video, Action: engaging audiences with visual content


Use of video is increasing across the network of British Embassies and High Commissions around the world – and with good reason. Video can be an effective way of communicating difficult, technical messages. It is more engaging than just publishing a text update. It gives you the chance to use more than 140 characters in […]

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