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28th October 2015 London, UK

Volha Rapinchuk

Deputy Communications Manager, British Embassy Minsk

Switching on to digital: Presidential elections in Belarus

On 11 October Belarus went to the ballot box to elect its President. Although the official turnout in elections is usually high, engagement is quite low due to poor conditions for political pluralism in the country.  International observation missions, such as the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), Office for Democratic Institutions and […]

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26th September 2014 London, UK

Promoting LGBT rights in China


It’s not always easy to promote human rights in China. But people do care. In particular, our statements supporting LGBT rights always achieve a great deal of attention, most of which is very positive. This is despite China refusing to legally recognise same-sex couples and homosexuals face widespread stigma. On 6 September, Brian Davidson, our […]

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26th September 2013 London, UK

Thunderclap: Now is the #TimeToAct

Sexual violence is used in conflict as a way to humiliate and destroy communities. A culture of impunity means that millions of women, children and men who have survived sexual attacks in war rarely see any form of justice, and perpetrators are able to commit these horrific crimes without fear of any consequences. To address […]

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23rd August 2013 London, UK

Visualising Foreign Travel Advice | GDS

Visualising the FCO’s travel advice data: It’s the holiday season, and as millions of people head off on their travels the importance of a single source of authoritative and accurate travel advice becomes particularly relevant… Read more >>

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26th June 2013 London, UK

Twiplomacy – Peter Millett

Peter Millett on communicating effectively: “Could you tweet my blog please?” Did I really say that to one of my staff? What on earth is this new language I’m using? No-one knew of “tweeting” and “blogging” 20 years ago. More…

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7th June 2013 London, UK

Digital Diplomacy Could be the Future for Governments | HootSuite

HootSuite discuss social media strategies in government on their blog, following the visit of Alistair Burt MP (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs) in May: As members of the media are taking to social media channels to deliver important news in real time, a growing number of governments (from municipal to federal) […]

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