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12th August 2015 Chevening, UK

How can the youth of today shape the world of tomorrow


In a world full of social, political, and economic challenges that transcend geographic boundaries, the international community requires new and diverse perspectives to resolve urgent global issues. The 193 member states of the United Nations recently came to a consensus on 17 sustainable development goals that the international community will commit to tackling by 2030. […]

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12th November 2014 Chevening, UK

My experience as a Chevening Scholar

The following is a blog entry from Jóhannes Eiríksson, a 2012 Chevening Scholar from Iceland. When I received the news of having been selected the 2012 Chevening Scholar in Iceland my first feelings were a mixture of enjoyment, excitement and pride. I was also deeply honoured. To be selected the single Icelandic Chevening Scholar out […]

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13th August 2013 Chevening, UK

A Botswana Chevening Scholar Visits The Mother of Parliaments

Bogolo blog #3

Our latest blog entry is by Bogolo Joy Kenewendo, a 2012 Chevening Scholar from Botswana. Bogolo is studying for an MsC in International Economics at the University of Sussex. If you are a Chevening scholar and are interested in submitting a blog entry for the Chevening Conversations blog, then please email us at This is a story of […]

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30th July 2013 Chevening, UK

Saying Farewell to our Chevening Class of 2012/13


On 23 July 2013 we bade a sad farewell to our Chevening class of 2012/13. FCO Minister Hugo Swire hosted and  Malaysian scholar Ruth Garnet Maran, representing the class, gave the valedictory address. There are several defining moments, both positive and negative in life that define and redefine who you are. These events shake the consciousness with […]

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7th February 2013 Chevening, UK

Getting to Know the Home of Australia's Head of State

Cal Viney is a 2012 Chevening Scholar from Australia

The following is a guest post by Cal Viney. Cal is the 2012/13 Chevening Scholar from Australia. He is currently pursuing an LL.M. in Public Law (focused specifically on Constitutional Law and Theory) at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Cal is an Australian Lawyer. Welcome to Heathrow. Rain. Welcome to the London […]

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3rd January 2013 Chevening, UK

A Re-Education Process: My Chevening Experience So Far

This months  Chevening Conversations blog entry is by Malaysian Chevening Scholar King Chai. Marcus was right – I should’ve taken more time to write for the (I presume) now-defunct Kopi Kluang ‘Weekly’ Column on As I was packing my things to leave for Kent to celebrate Christmas with my ‘parents-away-from-home’, it suddenly hit me […]

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28th November 2012 Chevening, UK

Chevening Scholarships: A journey to a thousand miles begins with one step…..

Our latest blog entry is by 2012 Chevening scholar Bogolo Kenewendo. Bogolo is from Botswana and is studying  for an MSc in International Economics at the University of Sussex. Just thinking about it gives me a certain kind of rush, I feel chills down my spine and I get really excited. The Chevening scholarship applications are now open! A year ago, […]

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