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Prime Minister David Cameron’s visit to Helmand

Prime Minister David Cameron visited the Helmand PRT on Wednesday 18th July. This was his ninth visit to Afghanistan, having failed to get to Helmand on the last two occasions – the first time because a soldier sadly went missing and air assets were prioritised to search, second because of the infamous Helmand sandstorms. So we were delighted that he made Helmand his first port of call. Not wanting to disrupt … Read more »Prime Minister David Cameron’s visit to Helmand

One year on, reflections on Lashkar Gah’s entry into Transition

To mark the one year anniversary of Lashkar Gah’s transition to Afghan control (the first area to transition in Helmand), please see a guest blog from the Stabilisation Advisor for Lashkar Gah at this significant time. I arrived in Helmand in October of 2010 to work alongside local Government as a District Stabilisation Advisor, in the months preceding the Provincial Capital’s entry into Transition to Afghan responsibility. One year on from … Read more »One year on, reflections on Lashkar Gah’s entry into Transition

Digging Deep

In the run up to the Tokyo Conference on Afghanistan I have invited members of the PRT to use my blog to talk about their work. The first has been written by Mary Thida-Lun from the PRT’s Socio-Economic Development Team.  51…52…53…54…55…56…57…58…59… Why do those last 10 seconds on the treadmill always stretch out for an eternity? Throughout my 7 month posting to Helmand my morning runs have provided a quiet moment … Read more »Digging Deep

“Green on blue” in Helmand – what the international media don’t tell you

So Chicago has come and gone and the outcome has ensured the international community’s commitment post 2014. The funding pledges for Afghan security forces have been made; the international community has signalled it is with Afghanistan for the long-term but reminded their public of why we are here; “ to stop it becoming a haven for terrorist training” as David Cameron said. President Karzai is working to ensure “that Afghanistan … Read more »“Green on blue” in Helmand – what the international media don’t tell you

A New Dawn for Sangin?

Its not often in recent years that there has been a carnival type atmosphere in the Helmand district of Sangin. Internationally Sangin is known for the large number of ISAF casualties – 100 British, and many US Marine deaths since they took over the battlefield in 2010.   But this week saw a unique event take place, over 2000 elders and other notables took part in a secret ballot to … Read more »A New Dawn for Sangin?