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On Invisible Slaves and Involuntary Slave Masters

Feature image for:  On Invisible Slaves and Involuntary Slave MastersToday’s blog post is written by Cora Motoc, my colleague in the political section. It deals with a topic which is often much closer to our everyday lives than we might initially think. What would you say or do if you knew that behind your most beautiful vacations or most perfect evenings out, there are slaves working for you? That your wine … Read more »On Invisible Slaves and Involuntary Slave Masters

Blogger: Raluca Bragarea

Never Again

Feature image for:  Never AgainInternational #HolocaustRemembranceDay (#HRD) is observed on 27 January to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust.             On this day we remember the genocide that resulted in the death of an estimated six million Jews; one million Roma; 250,000 mentally and physically disabled people; and 9000 homosexual men … Read more »Never Again

Blogger: Greg Dorey

Meet our Bloggers: John Preece

Feature image for:  Meet our Bloggers: John PreeceEvery week one of our bloggers will introduce themselves to the world and talk about how much fun it is working in Science Policy. We start with John Preece in Toronto and next week the team’s only non-scientist, Ashley Tomlins in Vancouver, will introduce himself. John Preece – Toronto I’m a chemist by training, completing my M. … Read more »Meet our Bloggers: John Preece

Blogger: Science & Innovation Network, Canada

Consular appointments – from alpha to beta

Feature image for:  Consular appointments – from alpha to betaThe pilot programme for our consular appointments booking service has been running as a public beta for a few weeks now, so it’s time to take stock of progress. Since my last post on the discovery phase for consular appointments, we have focused on building and iterating the product, training staff on how to manage their appointments, and … Read more »Consular appointments – from alpha to beta

Blogger: Digital Diplomacy

The Immortal Memory

Feature image for:  The Immortal MemoryThere aren’t enough Scots in Ethiopia. Strange, because they seem to get everywhere else. Even when we organised a Burns Evening in Addis Ababa last year with the help of Diageo, there weren’t that many Scots there. This 25th January, we will have to mark the 255th Anniversary of Robert Burns’ birth in 1759 virtually, in Ethiopia. For … Read more »The Immortal Memory

Blogger: Greg Dorey