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Young at heart diplomats

Feature image for:  Young at heart diplomatsThe British Embassy in Addis Ababa and the United States Mission to the African Union (AU) will host a “young diplomats’” evening tonight. We held a similar event last year and many thought it an effective way to bring together stakeholders on issues which are important to the AU. The event will be attended by diplomats from non-member … Read more »Young at heart diplomats

Blogger: Greg Dorey

Meet Our Bloggers: Aatif Baskanderi

Feature image for:  Meet Our Bloggers: Aatif BaskanderiEvery week one of our bloggers will introduce themselves to the world and talk about how much fun it is working in Science Policy. Today Aatif Baskanderi says hello from Calgary.   Aatif Baskanderi – Calgary Hi! My name is Aatif and, as per my Twitter account (@aatifb), I am an Islamo-Newfie-Pakistani-Engineer + Science nerd passionate … Read more »Meet Our Bloggers: Aatif Baskanderi

Blogger: Science & Innovation Network, Canada

Pangolin Protectors

Feature image for:  Pangolin ProtectorsLast year the UK hosted governments from around the world to galvanise international action to combat the illegal trade in wild animals – The London Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade. Botswana will be hosting a follow-up conference in Gabarone next month. One animal under particular threat in this part of Asia is the pangolin. To draw … Read more »Pangolin Protectors

Blogger: David Campbell

Another BIG year ahead

Feature image for:  Another BIG year ahead2015 is under way and is already shaping up to be another big year for us at the British Embassy. We’re well into our third year of operation since our historic re-opening in 2012. When I look at the range and breadth of our activity in recent months, I’m reminded of how well established we now are in Laos and how far we have come in the last … Read more »Another BIG year ahead

Blogger: Philip Malone