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Consular Responsibility

Feature image for:  Consular ResponsibilityA major area of work for any British Embassy or High Commission is consular responsibility: looking after British nationals when they’re abroad. This is one of the three priority aims of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office – together with protecting national security and building prosperity (our foreign policy as a whole is geared towards … Read more »Consular Responsibility

Blogger: Greg Dorey

BRICS Week Part 03 – Guest blog by Chevening India network

Feature image for:  BRICS Week Part 03 – Guest blog by Chevening India networkAs the third and last part of our Chevening BRICS conversation, I am delighted to share a piece by Mr Tarun Singhal, currently Director Enterprise, Business and Strategic Alliance and Partnerships at Steria and who was in the Chevening Advanced Management Programme for Young Indian IT Professionals in 2000-2001 at the Manchester Business School. … Read more »BRICS Week Part 03 – Guest blog by Chevening India network

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Making a reality of the common good

Feature image for:  Making a reality of the common goodThere are many definitions of “the common good”. It is an idea born from early Christian thought, especially the writing of St Augustine, and a key concept of Catholic Social Teaching. As a phrase, it is used regularly by successive Popes, including Pope Francis, to describe a worthy objective of man’s strivings in society. A definition I … Read more »Making a reality of the common good

Blogger: Nigel Baker

Girls: Reaching their Full Potential

Feature image for:  Girls: Reaching their Full Potentialby Peter Millett and Robert Jenkins As parents we all want the best for our children. To reach full potential, girls need a loving and secure home environment, a good education and support that encourages their talents so that they can enjoy happy, satisfying and fulfilling lives. Early marriage prevents that from happening.  Girls who marry … Read more »Girls: Reaching their Full Potential

Blogger: Peter Millett