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Fantastic prizes – fully-paid trips to London for entrepreneurs

Feature image for:  Fantastic prizes – fully-paid trips to London for entrepreneursI recently wrote about our quest to find the most brilliant Turkish entrepreneurs and invite them to visit London – at our expense. It’s an incredible offer.  Round-trip tickets.  Paid accommodation and meals.  Guided tours.  Visits to venture capitalists. To be honest, we copied it from our colleagues in the British Consulate-General in … Read more »Fantastic prizes – fully-paid trips to London for entrepreneurs

Blogger: Leigh Turner

All in the family

Feature image for:  All in the familyAs we look forward to the “new term” at the Vatican and at Westminster, it seems that the buzzword this autumn will be “family”. There is always a great deal of public discussion about the future of the family. Quite rightly, in my view, as it is arguably the most important social institution underpinning our civilisation. There is also … Read more »All in the family

Blogger: Nigel Baker

Tragedy and the tragic

Feature image for:  Tragedy and the tragicTen days ago, I attended the last performance at this year’s Festival of Epidauros, Nikaiti Kondouri’s production of Aeschylus’ Persians. There were more than 6,000 people on the beautiful marble seating of the ancient theatre. The atmosphere beforehand was lively, expectant, talkative. But once the drama began, this huge audience fell mute … Read more »Tragedy and the tragic

Blogger: Greek Blogyssey

My Chevening Experience : Glenn Edward McPhee

Feature image for:  My Chevening Experience : Glenn Edward McPheeMy academic pursuit at the University of Buckingham was dominated by intellectually stimulating lectures and tutorials. The MA in Security and Intelligence Studies, offered a unique degree of practitioner-led expertise to relate academic and historical analyses of contemporary security and intelligence environments in Western democracies, with a … Read more »My Chevening Experience : Glenn Edward McPhee

Blogger: UK in Jamaica