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27th November 2015 Chennai, India

Bharat Joshi

by Bharat Joshi

British Deputy High Commissioner, Chennai

A Very Unlikely Ambassador

Today I celebrate 20 years in the Foreign Office. I joined, like many others, because I wanted to see the world and be a part of something that mattered. I remember during the induction a colleague who was less awed by the surroundings asking how long it would take to get promoted (answer 12 years if […]

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27th November 2015 St Petersburg, Russia

Andrew Harrison

Prof Andrew Harrison is CEO of Diamond Light Source, the UK’s synchrotron science facility.

Lighting Up The Past: How cutting-edge synchrotron science is helping to preserve our cultural heritage

History is all around us. From the buildings that adorn our towns and cities to the relics of past civilisations. These objects make up our cultural heritage – providing an insight into what went before us and linking us back to our past. But work is needed to ensure the preservation of historical icons, for […]

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27th November 2015 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Edward Ferguson

by Edward Ferguson

British Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Growth, jobs and fairness: The Reform Agenda

Wherever I go in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I try to seek out ordinary citizens, particularly young people, and to talk to them about the new EU strategy, and the Reform Agenda that has come from it. From all these conversations, one thing is very clear: most people really don’t understand what the Reform Agenda is […]

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27th November 2015 Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Chris Allan

by Chris Allan

Ambassador to the Republic of Uzbekistan

St Andrew – the patron saint of Scotland


Scotland’s national day, St Andrew’s Day, is celebrated each year on 30 November. St Andrew was born on the shores of the Sea of Galilee and was the younger brother of St Peter. Both he and his brother became disciples of Jesus. St Andrew has been recognized as the patron saint of Scotland since at […]

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27th November 2015 Bucharest, Romania

Paul Brummell

by Paul Brummell

British Ambassador to Romania

Soft Skills in Hard Times video blog series: DHM Adam Sambrook

In the first of this video blog series, my Deputy Head of Mission, Adam Sambrook, shares his views on using soft skills in the context of climate change negotiations. The series is part of the project  ‘Soft Skills in Hard Times. Remembering the Service of Great Romanian and British Women,’ which aims to both commemorate […]

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26th November 2015 Sofia, Bulgaria

Captain Richard Blackwell RN

Defence Attaché

Busy Week for UK Defence in Bulgaria

A busy week for UK Defence in Bulgaria this November: Remembrance events in Sofia and Plovdiv and Britain’s newest and most capable warship’s visit to Burgas. Being a non-Resident Attaché to Bulgaria, unfortunately I was unable to attend the Remembrance events but I understand that they were extremely moving and both sites were immaculately presented  – our […]

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25th November 2015 Washington DC, USA

Gautham Rao

Gautham Rao is an assistant professor of history at American University. His book, National Duties: Custom Houses and the Making of the American State will be published by the University of Chicago Press in 2016.

The start of a beautiful friendship

You’ve probably heard of the War of 1812, but do you know about the Treaty of Commerce and Navigation of July 3, 1815, or ‘A Convention to Regulate the Commerce between the Territories of the United States and of His Britannick Majesty?’ Probably not, especially since the name is so tricky to remember. However, it […]

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25th November 2015 Sana'a, Yemen

by Edmund Fitton-Brown

British Ambassador to Yemen

Don’t Leave Half of Yemen’s Population Behind

As a male ambassador, I am not an obvious candidate to promote women’s rights.  But the subject is close to my heart.  I have spent my whole life with brilliant, accomplished women. These include my mother and sister, my wife, daughter and my female friends, colleagues, and professional contacts which included the many Yemeni women […]

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25th November 2015 Ankara, Turkey

Janet Douglas CMG

Deputy Head of Mission at the British Embassy in Ankara

Stop violence against women!

Richard Moore

We have to stop violence against women because for too long, too many women around the world have experienced terrible abuse. The UN estimates 35% of women globally have experienced some form of violence. This abuse can happen in ordinary homes, and in warzones where women are disproportionate victims of sexual violence. And these crimes […]

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25th November 2015 Bangkok, Thailand

Mark Kent

by Mark Kent

British Ambassador to Thailand

The Road to a New Global Climate Deal


The next round of UN climate negotiations kick off in Paris on 30th November. And while these rounds happen annually, this year is particularly significant because the prize is a new global, legally-binding treaty on climate change. Whether that can be achieved, and how ambitious it is, matters to us all. What is it? The […]

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