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Football, Fun and Fundraising

Feature image for:  Football, Fun and FundraisingMost ex-pats live a very privileged life in Sri Lanka, so I’m always grateful to those of my colleagues who make it easy for us to help some of the people who live so close, but are so much less fortunate. Last Saturday, the British High Commission hosted a football tournament to raise funds for Child Action Lanka, a local charity that works … Read more »Football, Fun and Fundraising

Blogger: Laura Davies

Universality under attack

Feature image for:  Universality under attackFor those of you who may have noticed me looking a little down in the mouth last week, this had little to do with work and almost everything to do with the temporary disappearance of our pet cat. She was obviously not getting enough attention having to compete in our household with two small children as well as the start of the Council session. I … Read more »Universality under attack

Blogger: Bob Last

The Sheep Run

Feature image for:  The Sheep RunThe following is a post by Dr. John Heathershaw, Senior Lecturer in International Relation, University of Exeter. May in Tajikistan is a time when Shepherds move their sheep from lowland fields to higher mountain pastures (ailoo).  On the road from Vakhdat to Garm, I witnessed herds of up to 1,500 sheep moving along the road with 3 or 4 … Read more »The Sheep Run

Blogger: UK in Tajikistan

Fighting Ebola

Feature image for:  Fighting EbolaA few weeks ago some cases of malaria briefly gave rise to rumours that #Ebola had arrived in #Addis. Thankfully this was wrong, but the story went viral on social media. Rumours and misinformation can spread even faster than Ebola.   As the disease continues to spread, there are increasingly worrying projections about how far it could go. … Read more »Fighting Ebola

Blogger: Greg Dorey