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High Growth Europe

Feature image for:  High Growth EuropeI was back in London for a few days last month to attend a series of events focused on the export opportunities for UK companies represented by the Central European region, stretching from Poland in the north to Bulgaria in the south. The centrepiece was the High Growth Europe Showcase, organised in concert with the Confederation of British … Read more »High Growth Europe

Blogger: Paul Brummell

A Tale of Three Cities

Feature image for:  A Tale of Three CitiesToday I am pleased to welcome a guest blogger on my blog, Sir David King, The Foreign Secretary’s Special Representative on Climate Change. He recently visited Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo and shares his experiences of sustainable urban transport: Sustainable Transport:  A Tale of Three Cities.  It was the worst of times for the climate; it … Read more »A Tale of Three Cities

Blogger: Paul Johnston

Piyumi’s Story

Feature image for:  Piyumi’s StoryOur sixth blog is by Lynn Stanier, a specialist travel agent to Sri Lanka, organising holiday and sports tours.  Lynn turned her immediate devastation into a long term determination to support vulnerable children.    Immediately after the tsunami, I visited Sri Lanka with my son Ryan to volunteer and support the Sri Lankan people.  I was … Read more »Piyumi’s Story

Blogger: Laura Davies

The Asian Tsunami: A Volunteer’s Tale

Feature image for:  The Asian Tsunami: A Volunteer’s TaleFor our fourth blog in the series, we look in house.  Gary Leslie, currently Head of UK Trade and Industry at the High Commission, but in 2004 based in London, was in the first team of Foreign and Commonwealth Office volunteers to be deployed to Sri Lanka.  Here is his story. On the morning of 26 December 2004, the world learned a new Japanese … Read more »The Asian Tsunami: A Volunteer’s Tale

Blogger: Laura Davies

How will we remember?

Feature image for:  How will we remember?The 26th of December 2004 is not a day the world will easily forget. An earthquake measuring 9.3 on the Richter scale off the coast of Indonesia triggered one of the deadliest natural disasters in recorded history: a monstrous tidal wave that struck the coasts of at least thirteen countries, killing nearly 300,000, of whom over 35,000 were in Sri … Read more »How will we remember?

Blogger: Laura Davies