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31st May 2016 beijing

Newton expands upon Chinese science links started by the Queen

The UK and China have a long history of collaboration in science. The Newton Fund is taking this to a broader spectrum by supporting both leading researchers that have worked with the UK for decades and young researchers who are working with the UK for the first time. Professor Yong-guan Zhu, the Director General of […]

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27th May 2016 Beijing, China

Holly White

by Holly White

Head of the Science and Innovation Network in China and the Science and Innovation Regional Manager for Asia Pacific

UK goes GREAT at China’s Big Data Expo

This week saw the UK Day at China’s national Big Data Expo in Guiyang. Big data is a significant priority for the Chinese Government, which was highlighted by the attendance of Premier Li Keqiang to give the opening speech. Premier Li described big and open data as the new oil in our economy and the […]

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27th May 2016 Delhi, India

Anshika Jha

by Anshika Jha

UK Intellectual Property Office’s (UK IPO) Attaché

ASSOCHAM summit on making India entrepreneurial, creative & innovative

Assocham  2

Last week, I was invited to share experiences on how the UK links intellectual property rights with increased innovation, entrepreneurship and economic growth at ASSOCHAM’s 2nd ICI Summit.  The theme of the event was ‘India: Entrepreneurial, Creative & Innovative’.  The highlight of the conference was the Chief Guest’s address by Mr. YS Chowdhary, Hon’ble Minister […]

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26th May 2016 London, UK

Ewan Gillespie

Regional Digital Trainer (Regional Digital Unit, Europe)

Remote Training: Is there anybody out there?

The good old days, teaching face-to-face (that’s me in the white t-shirt…)

I´ve been Europe’s Regional Digital Training Officer for six months, training over the phone and on a shared desktop (where bandwidth allows). Previously, I worked as a teacher in a high school, so remote training is almost completely new to me. I’ve discovered that in many ways it is more difficult than attempting to control […]

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26th May 2016 Bangalore, India

Alok Srivastava 

Knowledge Economy Advisor

Pune University offers glimpse into a smarter city

I recently joined the British Trade Office in Pune as its new Knowledge Economy Advisor. Having previously worked for the British Council I know Pune’s key strength is its excellence in education and focus on innovation. The Savitribai Phule Pune University is one India’s top universities. So, I took the opportunity to visit to find […]

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25th May 2016 Lebanon

Hugo Shorter

by Hugo Shorter

Ambassador Designate to Lebanon

For the love of Lebanon, elect a President

Lebanon “commemorates” today the two year anniversary since it last had a President. Notre Dame University recently marked the 500th anniversary of the publication of Thomas More’s Utopia. Erasmus thought More’s genius was “such as England never had and never again will have.” But beyond his national importance to my country, I think Thomas More […]

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24th May 2016 Chandigarh, India

Shivani Sharma

by Shivani Sharma

Knowledge Economy Adviser

Bridging industry and academia can help solve ‘grand challenges’

I was invited to a meeting of industry and academics who were focussing on translating excellent research into real world solutions.  The event was held at the DST Centre for Policy Research at Panjab University.  A key challenge India faces is bridging the gap between industry and researchers.  This is vital in solving bigger problems […]

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23rd May 2016 USA

Stefania Di Mauro-Nava

by Stefania Di Mauro-Nava

Science & Innovation Officer

REPORT: UK’s Review on Antimicrobial Resistance

Halting the spread of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is one of the major global health challenges of the 21st century. It is estimated that around 700,000 people die each year from drug resistant diseases, including drug resistant strains of HIV, TB and malaria. If not tackled, AMR could cause up to 10 million deaths annually by […]

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20th May 2016 Houston, USA

Lauren George

by Lauren George

Science and Innovation Officer

FUNDING: Longitude Prize Discovery Awards

Longitude Prize is a five-year challenge with a £10 million prize fund. Launched in November 2014 it aims to conserve antibiotics for future generations, revolutionising global healthcare. It commemorates the 300th anniversary of the Longitude Act of 1714, the first British challenge prize, to determine longitude at sea. The prize is looking for a quick and […]

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20th May 2016 USA

Patricia Gruver

by Patricia Gruver

Science & Innovation Officer

Hyperloop: Just a Pipe Dream?

In July 2012, Elon Musk touted a proposal that would place the Jetsons within the realm of possibility. He proposed a solar-powered tunnel which could transport people from Los Angeles to San Francisco in an unbelievable 30 minutes. You would think we were discussing the future, but this idea has been floating around for over a […]

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